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    Hi I am somewhat new to Primal eating and am taking the primal 21 day challenge. I am also giving up dairy for a few weeks because I think either wheat/grains or dairy are causing some stomach problems for me. So when I try to bring dairy back in to see how it goes is sour cream (reg. full fat) considered primal? That is the one dairy item I miss. I was making a homemade ranch dressing with mostly sour cream and some yogurt for salads, raw veggies.


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    If you only bring up one dairy item at a time (like sour cream), you can watch for any adverse symptoms after ingestion for 72 hrs. If you don't experience nasal drip, congestion, sudden weight gain, increased appetite or anything else weird, you can keep the food item in.

    A great alternative to sour cream is a home made mayo.
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      First, welcome!

      Secondly, ditch the label. Primal is all good and well and I fully support it, but even Mark calls it a "blueprint" rather than a "diet". That's what the 80/20 idea is for! Plenty of folks around here have cream in their coffee, put a dollop of whipped cream on their berries, and eat ice cream once in a while as a treat. The thing is, this shouldn't be a regular thing and should only be done if you don't have sensitivity to dairy. Check out this very good write-up by Mark: The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark's Daily Apple

      The good thing is when you abstain from something for a long time and begin to re-introduce it, you can figure out if you are sensitive to it or not. This will happen when/if you bring dairy back in (slowly, of course) -- if you have a bad reaction from the stuff, then you know you are sensitive to it and need to keep it out of your life.

      Thirdly, I found a way to make dairy-free sour cream, if that is your #1 dairy product. It's damn good and I posted about it in my blog: Basics: Sour Cream Base | [blank] this

      Basically add white vinegar to coconut cream (the white part that floats to the top of the can of coconut milk) and... ta-da! Sour [coconut] cream!
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        I still do sour cream with no issues....just listen to your body. I like to stick with "natural" full fat sour creams which don't have a laundry list of fillers.


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          If you can tolerate dairy it is ok.
          Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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