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    What happens when you...Primal binge? I went to sizzler's tonight, got a butter cooked 8oz steak with butter cooked broccoli. However, I also got a big ass salad with a bed of spinach greens, cucumbers, shredded carrots, olives, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and shredded bacon, topped with balsamic vinnagarette. I had half a slice of their cheese toast. Then I had another plate of the bacon, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. Then some vegetable soup, and then a cup of of grilled fajita chicken, meatballs, and taco beef(no shell). For dessert, I had a small cup of cottage cheese, and two small cups of chocolate mousse. I know the toast and mousse aren't primal, but I only go to sizzler's once a month with my grandmother so it's a special occasion. What I want to know is what happens when you binge on primal food? I had to go to the bathroom immediately after finishing everything, and it kinda hurt, so... I'll shut up now? Yep. Completely weird topic, I know.

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    Grok gorged when he could. Not a problem. My binges are quite far from primal (chocolate, whee!) and I live. Bingeing once in awhile doesn't hurt, when you do it orinally, even less so.
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      If I binge, it is usually on full-fat real-deal ice cream, dried fruit, or nut butters. The first two aren't exactly primal, but the fact I'm not sensitive to foods means I don't feel like garbage as long as I stop when I feel full. Last night, for instance, we went and got Indian food and had ice cream at a local parlor afterwards. I had rice with my Indian food, a bottle of beer, and got two scoops of ice cream (no cone). I took my nightly probiotic when I got home, and I've lived to tell the tale.

      If you have disordered eating or have food sensitivities, binge-eating of any kind can be harmful. But, if it's once in a blue moon and on foods that aren't preservative-laden, you should be fine.
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        Sadly, the soup, fajita chicken, meatballs, and taco beef likely aren't primal, either, due to added 'seasonings'. (Read soy and gluten.)
        One binge won't throw you off. The danger is that those 'seasonings' will set off something in your body that makes you want to start noshing today. Be alert for cravings, and try to squelch them with straight protein and fat. This would probably be a good time to keep away from fruit and starchy carbs for a day or two, as they can reinforce the desire to snack if you are in a tricky spot. Good luck.
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          Ah yes, an I checked their nutrition information website, and none of those besides the toast and mousse contained soy and/or gluten. Surprising, and score.


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            But apparently it was enough to make me feel I this morning. Ugh.


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              Wow, I am surprised. Kudos to Sizzler.


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                They still offer bread, and you have to be choosy with salad dressings and how they cook their food, but you CAN primalize sizzler, and their endless salad bar!


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                  I primal binged the other day. 1lb medium ground beef fried in butter with six slices of bacon and four eggs. I ate all of it, and slurped the fat out of the bowl at the end. It was beautiful. The next day I'd dropped a pound. Probably just water loss from the shear zero carbness of the whole day.