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Supplements - fish oil study, just out

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  • Supplements - fish oil study, just out

    Diane Sawyer just reported huge study of taking fish oil supplements did not show any heart health improvement or protection from heart attacks. Doctor on the news said he'd always recommended eat oily fish not the supplements. I do both but guess I'll stop buying krill oil supplements now. What's your take on this study?

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    There is a lot more evidence of the benefits of increased Omega 3 intake.
    Our natural intakes have been reduced by diet and farming practices and this includes fish farming, so be wary of fish source.
    Ancestral intakes have been estimated between 1:1 and 5:1 06:03 ratio and most individuals, even with a healthy diet, are well above this.
    Until I can get reliable sources of all natural pasture raised meat & eggs and 2 large wild caught fish I will continue to supplement with Fish oil Omega 3's as a defensive measure, in fact I knock them back with my dinner every night even if it is a big fatty fish.
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      Fish Oil No Lifesaver, Study Finds - ABC News


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        There is always a devil in the detail:
        Rubenfire said many of the studies included in this report did not have long enough follow-up, noting that heart and stroke prevention studies "are generally designed with five-year duration." Many patients studied here, he said, were followed for less than three years.

        Rubenfire added that he believes this information "should dampen the enthusiasm for routine costly supplement in healthy persons" -- but that he and many experts agreed that omega-3 supplements are still a good strategy for patient with high triglycerides.

        Some experts also note that the report is limited because the authors only included results from 20 of the thousands of studies on this topic, as many of these studies vary in terms of the types of patients and the doses of fish oil studied.
        Follow up was too short to be conclusive, less than 3 years, and I have read it can take up to 4 years to re-balance 06:03 ratio in your body and the study only took into account 20 of the thousands of studies on fish oil Omega 3's, so does not take into account anywhere near the total data available, hardly conclusive.
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          Our neighbor 2 doors down is a CW doctor but a great and brainy guy at Emory.
          DH went to a community meeting with him tonite so I scooted out to his car and asked him about it.
          He said he did see it on the news but hadn't read about it and doubted he would stop taking his or recommending his patients to stop. He said other studies have shown other benefits besides heart from taking fish oil supps.


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            My Immunology professor said the research for high dose long-term fish oil consumption indicates it is not beneficial and can be harmful. It is effective for a short time. Additionally, Chris Kresser has great information. The only fish oil he recommends is fermented cod liver oil, preferably with butter oil, as it is a good source of fat soluble vitamins. Robb Wolf has revised his recommendation, as well.


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              Just looked up both and the links come up with positive recommendations for fish oil, do you have a link to the contrary?
              The only problem with Cod Liver Oil, apart from the foul taste, is the high Vitamin A content, and it is actually Vitamin A (retinol) so significant doses can result in an overdose and that can be harmful, it is much better to supplement with Vitamin precursor like Beta Carotene so our bodies can pick and choose and make the amount required.
              If there is anything significant about the negative effects of fish oil I would like to read it, but I haven't seen anything yet.
              "There are no short cuts to enlightenment, the journey is the destination, you have to walk this path alone"


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                I read somewhere a few months ago that they had done a study comparing people who took fish oil and people who ate oily fish, and it turned out that oil from the pills were only slightly less absorbed than the oil from the fish. Considering that for me, eating oily fish every day isn't an option, I'll stick with my supplements. There's more to it than preventing heart attacks-- plus, imagine if they studied 100 McDonald's customers who took fish oil and 100 McDonald's customers who didn't. The headline would be something like "People are still having heart attacks, fish oil doesn't work after all" but there's clearly more to it than that...