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what to eat post workout?

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  • what to eat post workout?

    With little exception, I eat a high fat low carb diet. I'm a little more liberal with carbs on workout days because I'm under the impression that the insulin spike is good for fighting protein degradation post workout. This may be completely misguided, but I really would like some sound research on the issue to find out. I'm pretty lean, hanging around 10% bf. I'm not too worried about gaining weight, I'm mostly just concerned with gaining lean muscle mass. My workout consists of 30 minute strength training sessions 3 times a week. My post workout meal contains a whey shake with about 30g protein, a sweet potato, and usually some chicken or salmon, along with some fish oil. My question is: how much of each should I be eating after a strength training session?

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    I'm no expert, and perhaps someone else will chime in with more info, but for me, I just eat a handful of trail mix consisting of nuts and a little dried fruit. I workout twice a day usually. In my case I just don't over think it. Just eat what seems right at the moment.


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      on training days, I usually have a protein shake (45g protein) and a banana, some dates or some other sugary fruit. Its the only time of the day I purposely eat a portion of carbs.

      About 1 to 1.5 hours later I have a good sized meal and back to high protein/high fat/low carb.

      How much really depends really depends on what you are trying to do right? Are you trying to gain weight or lose it?


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        I've been thinking about looking at this more specifically too. Looks like you want to keep the fat down a bit post-workout, according to a post from Mark responding to a question similar to yours (scroll down to the second question in the post): Does Coffee Decrease Insulin Sensitivity? | Mark's Daily Apple

        Martin Berkhan has the Leangains thing going, The Leangains Guide | Intermittent fasting diet for fat loss, muscle gain and health though I know you said you didn't need to lean out. But there is a wealth of info there and it could lead other places.


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          here is my meal after a 2 hour fasted workout this am....
          Started Primal November 20, 2011
          Slipped from Christmas-New Years
          January 2, 2012 until Death= 100% Primal/Paleo

          Start Weight-210
          Goal Weight-Skinny with a 6 pack and lean all around



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            Food. Real food. Powders don't count.


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              Originally posted by alovice View Post
              My question is: how much of each should I be eating after a strength training session?
              Did you work out really hard? Lift really heavy?

              If yes, then the answer to your questions is "More".

              Tim Ferriss, Mark Rippetoe of "Starting Strength" both have diet plans for mass gaining that involve insane amounts of calories. If adding muscle is your only goal, then lift big and eat big.

              No. Bigger. BIGGER!!!!


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                Depending on your health goals, you may need to increase carbohydrates and lower fat intake after working out -- this is especially useful if you're trying to lose weight or lean out. For people like myself who are trying to gain weight, it's probably more important to focus on eating 3,000 - 4,000 calories per day and eating sufficient protein.
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