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Coffee and the Adrenals?

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    I go back and forth. I like the taste of coffee too much and bulletproof is part of my morning now. I'm just trying to eliminate more coffee later in the day, and that will be enough for me.

    It doesn't help that my company has a first class espresso maker in the break room. Why would they do something like that :-)


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      I will always have my 2 cups of black in the mornings and Friday/Saturday I'll treat myself and have a cup after dinner with some very dark chocolate.

      Once a month I'll go a week coffee free.


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        caffeine is poison to me but yes I love it this last time it took 3 days of migraine an 9 days of exhaustion not to mention the carb cravings and the sugar but after 3 weeks I have only slipped once with some ice cream no real problem with that but had a glass of wine and chocolate headache for 2 days so now I know some triggers. I will ad more strawberries to my smoothies to ad some vit c but do not like supplements too acidic seems as long as I stay away from anything with caffeine i do pretty good