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D*action -- grassroots health project to correlate D levels with health

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  • D*action -- grassroots health project to correlate D levels with health

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up about this really cool initiative:

    The D*action Project
    GrassrootsHealth | Vitamin D Action - D-action

    Essentially, participants pay $60 every 6 months, and are sent a kit to test your vitamin D blood levels. (You just prick your finger, apply your blood sample to the form, and mail it in.) You receive your test results via email, and each time, you complete a questionnaire about your current sun exposure, vitamin D3 supplementation habits, and other lifestyle factors. You'll receive advice about how much D3 you *should* be supplementing, comparing your current D levels to the optimal range. And, this project has the larger goal of allowing the researchers to study how vitamin D levels impact population health, which can eventually help us to promote vitamin D awareness. (Imagine, one day, a patient with symptoms of depression, or sluggishness, or etc. etc., being asked by their doctor how much sun they get, and given a recommendation to take a D3 supplement, instead of prescription meds! I know, I know, that scenario is optimistic given the dominance of pharma in medical education & in the medical industry. But this type of participant-funded voluntary study is the way to circumvent pharma, if it's possible.)

    I think this project is a great idea, as I try to avoid doctors as much as possible, but still find it useful to know my D levels, as I'm still in the process of tweaking what my optimal D3 supplementation dose should be.