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    Hello! (:

    I've posted here previously:

    Basically, I'm a 15 year-old female. Currently 5"1 or 5"2, weight hovering at around 83lbs. I'm recovering from a 2-3 month long bout of anorexia. I probably ate around 600-800 kcals everyday while restricting, not actually THAT low.

    Anyway, I'm trying to gain weight. I expect fat gain, obviously, with my BMI, but I don't want it to be excessive. So I'd like to try gain back as much lean muscle as possible (which I have lost some of, I think.) Any suggestions? My main concerns:

    1) Caloric count. Should I just go by intuitive eating, or hit a certain count everyday? I see ED recovery forums recommending at least 2500kcals to increase metabolism, but that sounds terribly high and I'm pretty small-framed.

    2) Macronutrient ratios. I think some blogs like paleopepper recommend higher carbs. I currently eat about 30% fat, 60% protein, 10% carbs. Should I adjust this? I ask this especially because I heard that to rebuild muscle, we need glycogen and water.

    3) Carbs. Should I stick to safe starches like sweet potatoes and yams? Or should I venture down the spectrum: potatoes, rice, or even grains!? What about fruits?

    4) Fats. I have no problem with nuts, fatty fish, oils. I just hesitate more when it comes to saturated animal fats (ie. "visible" ones, like those on pork chops).

    5) Catabolism and exercise. What sort of exercise should I be doing? Or even do any? I desperately don't want to gain back excessive fat, as I've said, but I don't want to continue catabolising any protein either. ): It's such a dilemma for someone wanting to recover from ED. I KNOW I need to eat more to regain muscle, but at the same time I worry about the composition and redistribution of the regained weight.

    Any and all advice is appreciated! Sample meal plans, exercise plans, experience in weight gain and/or ED recovery (esp. anorexia)!


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    1. 2500 calories at your age sounds great;

    2. primal blueprint goes for about 40-50% fat, 25-30% protein, the rest carbohydrate. It works well for me, and it has worked well for others, including malpaz who was also recovering from an eating disorder. her blog has a lot of information, too.

    3. i would stick with safe starches for the now. see where you go as you go. I think malpaz has more information about this in her work, and has done well without anything really.

    4. I don't eat "visible fat" as a matter of preference either. You can get plenty of fat by that which renders and you'll eat unknowingly, and then whatever else is just in your foods (ie, eggs, etc). Not to worry too much there.

    5. if you lift heavy things, you'll gain muscle and it'll be all good. You can start with the primal blueprint big 5 and get great results, and then move into the major movements if you want to lift weights. There's lots of ways of getting there (odd object lifting, kettle bells, sledge hammer work, whatever. lots of ways.).


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      I think that we were suffering from the same condition before I haven’t tried clean eating guide.


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        Anorexia is a serious mental illness and it's not just about weight. I strongly suggest that whilst you continue on a positive journey back to eating healthily, you also seek counselling.

        I would also recommend choosing healthy foods to eat and NOT obsessing over macro nutrients, exercise regimes, etc. Eating disorders are often very much about control. You cannot heal yourself by just becoming more obsessive and controlling. You may get yourself to a healthy weight but you'll still have an eating disorder.

        You also need to accept that fat gain is not only inevitable, it is healthy. Female bodies require a certain amount of fat to be functional and fertile. The longer you fight against this, the longer it will take to truly heal.

        Good luck with your journey back to health and I hope you find lots of help here. Just please be cautious about replacing calorie restriction with another food obsession. In general, I wouldn't recommend a restrictive diet to someone with an eating disorder.


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          milk. drink some.


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            OP hasn't logged in since 2012.


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              Didn't notice that but good....15 year olds with eating disorders don't need to be getting dietary advice from here...can hardly think of anything worse for making someone more obsessive.