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    If I start to get depressed it's usually because I forgot to eat liver.
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      I'd recommend going ahead and having your D levels checked while your getting labs to find out just how much you should be supplementing. Then making sure you supplement enough to get them up to the top end of optimal range (approximate 60-70 ng/ml from what I've read).


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        I'm curious if perhaps your digestive symptoms are still going on. I've recently been experiencing low moods and constipation, and remembered that serotonin is primarily produced in the gut. I think it is more common that digestive issues influence serotonin (so, mood) issues than misfiring in the brain. Underground Wellness had a podcast about this recently, I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing, but there's a short YouTube audio clip available. Is Depression Really Caused by Low Serotonin? - YouTube

        I've taken 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan (recently started taking the latter again), in the evenings and morning respectively. I did not experience increased anxiety from either. I can tell Tryptophan is working within an hour of taking it. If nothing happens, you take another (raise the dose). You can do that a few times, for up to 500mg, safely, I think. "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross has more information on that. I remember you've posted before about anxiety, I'm sorry that you are still having problems with it.
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          Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
          I'm curious if perhaps your digestive symptoms are still going on. I've recently been experiencing low moods and constipation, and remembered that serotonin is primarily produced in the gut. I think it is more common that digestive issues influence serotonin (so, mood) issues than misfiring in the brain. Underground Wellness had a podcast about this recently, I haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing, but there's a short YouTube audio clip available. Is Depression Really Caused by Low Serotonin? - YouTube
          Low serotonin is only one of many causes of depression.

          And yes, 80% of the body's serotonin is produced by the gut flora. But intestinal serotonin does not cross the blood-brain barrier and thus has no effect on mood. The brain generates its own serotonin to keep tighter control on levels since excess brain serotonin can have serious adverse effects. The gut serotonin is used for other purposes such as regulation of intestinal peristalsis and blood pressure.


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            I just wanted to add another sympathetic shoulder....I also have a history of anxiety (panic attacks) and depression, I really feel for you and hope that you get something figured out soon! I know it's really hard but try to stay positive and I think it's really good that you are activley seeking help and not just taking it laying down! Hang in there...


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              Did you say how old you are? Hormones can be a real bitch.
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                5 HTP helped me with those horrid carb withdrawal lows, but it is not a panacea. I know that for me it was serotonine, because the serotonine Diet was magic (I just ate a tbsp of honey with a cup of green tea about 2 pm... alas, I started breaking out like crazy, so had to abandon that cure). Cold and dry for me is often connected with fasting for too long on <1300 cals days. Having a cup of broth after 12th-14th hour of the fast helps, and yes, it breaks a 'perfect' fast, but allows to delay the meal by a good 3-4 hours without the loss of energy/negative symptoms. Higher fat intake (>60%) helps with the cold issue as well. Overall, with the fat intake of >40% dry hands go away, but dry feet do not.
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                  Originally posted by jammies View Post
                  I can try to provide additional info:

                  My symptoms include diarrhea (that was actually the first symptom), feeling very cold, my period was quite late, dry mouth, weakness, insomnia, horrible hopeless feeling, anxiety.
                  Have you considered/been tested for hyPERthyroidism?


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                    Well I can't help you on the chemical side of things, but I feel you on the hopelessness and anxiety. Mine comes in waves too and I usually keep it at bay, stuffed in the corner where it can't really affect my life. Here's what I do, hopefully some of this can help.

                    1. Sunlight, or vitamin D if you can't get outside enough. Bonus points for walking barefoot on grass in the sun.
                    2. Physical activity (the more intense the better, but don't burn yourself out).
                    3. Spend as much time as you can with people who make you smile. Don't try to hide how you're feeling.
                    4. Whatever you do, don't sit around. Go do something. Anything.
                    5. The best way to do #4 is to treat yourself. It can be hard, but act like you're worth something.

                    I may come up with more and I'll post them later if I do. Good luck jammies.


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                      Another tactic is to remember how ultimately insignificant you are. Rest assured that the generations to come will hardly remember your name, know what you were good at, or what you got wrong. There's nothing you can do to make even the slightest dent in the universe. Laugh at it. Be grateful you are unimportant and will not be missed. It's liberating, a burden gone from the shoulders, when you know the piles of money and stuff you moved in your life will simply be moved again by others after you die. Everything will be lost in the eons to come, obliterated to anonymity. Whatever you accomplish, it will be knocked down. Western civilization itself will fall and all our own cultural ideals will be annihilated by new peoples. Whether or not you fulfilled these ideals will matter even less after you die. Let it all go. Breathe. And no more, just breathe. Born to die, just to pass on your DNA. At best.
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                        I haven't read this whole thread yet, but has anyone mentioned GABA to you? 200-500mg a day.

                        It helps repair neurotransmitters and heals those poor nerves. I know exactly what kind of place you're in - my mind has been a very overstimulating place to be lately. Just the other day I fell headfirst into an existential pit of infinite sads, after being clear of them for a few weeks. The next day I felt really good, as I always overcompensate like that, but since then it's definitely been lurking around the fringe of my psyche.
                        I keep trying to force myself to not think, watching junk tv, hanging on the computer all day, but it just makes me feel stupid, not any more relaxed. Then I get guilty for not being productive.
                        I hope you start to feel better.
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                          Hi, I dunno if anyone has recommended it yet, but do yourself a favor and look into RHODIOLA. When I went away to college, the year away from home took a huge toll on my mental state, I came back a wreck, anxious, depressed, having panic attacks, would freak out if I was inside for too long... in February I started taking Rhodiola, and that same night I watched all of American Idol without having a freak out and needing to step out for was a big step. A few weeks later I could work again without panicking... I also self-medicate with marijuana, not sure that's something you want to get into but it would be wrong of me not to mention the role it serves in my life... Take lots of Fish Oil and vitamin D daily, I keep St Johns Wort and CoQ10 on hand in case I feel like I need them, and I take 1000mg of Rhodiola every day. I can feel it starting to take effect when I take a capsule at work... About 20 minutes after taking it, I start handing everything calmly and patiently instead of being's like watching a person who has their shit together slowly take over your body, and the depression loses its hold over you... Definitely worth a try! Get the standardized one...3% rosavins and 1% salidroside, I think


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                            Thanks so much to everyone for all these amazing responses. Lots of really helpful info here. I've been incorporating some suggestions and while I am still struggling, I feel that I am improving.

                            A few updates on my end:

                            1. My labs came back normal - they only checked TSH which was normal, and Parathryoid - also normal. The doctor said I should come back in two weeks if I don't feel better.

                            2. My period had been about 2 weeks late and finally arrived. I am sure this indicated that something was off in my hormones, and I felt quite a bit better with anxiety and depression after that.

                            3. I have been eating a diet of mostly meat and fruit lately - no real starches. I have had zero appetite since all this started and have to force myself just to eat a few hundred calories a day. But I did add in some rice and sweet potatoes and some yogurt. This seems to be stimulating my appetite a little bit again.

                            4. I picked up some 5-htp yesterday. I took two tiny doses today. I opened the 50 mg capsules and took a tiny bit in am and at lunch. I think it made me a bit sleepy but it didn't seem to cause any anxiety, so I will keep experimenting with it.

                            5. I am keeping myself as busy as possible. Trying to add in more exercise, forcing myself to be more social, and making plans for activities. It's out of character for me, but I'm going to keep at it for now.

                            Overall, I am still struggling. But I am not in the same downward spiral that I was. I am really grateful for all the support here - part of the pain of all this is feeling the nothing could possibly ever change. So reading comments of how things can get better was helpful. Thanks to everyone!!
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                              Hi Jammies. Just checking in to say hi - I've been depressed many times, but I don't have any suggestions that haven't already been posted here. The last time I used prozac, which worked for me - I needed it for 18 months then weaned off over a couple of months. I think what it did for me was raise my energy levels so I could help myself. I also went to therapy, but focusing on past crap didn't help me to create a better future, so I stopped. One thing I know - It will pass. Sending heaps of love your way.
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                                5-HTP always made me sleepy. Most of the recommendations I've read say to take it around dinner and before bed.

                                I recently started feeling depressed more often again and had to go back on Tryptophan. I feel a lot better now. But I also had spotting and my period didn't show up when it was supposed to, so something was definitely off with my hormones. I'm going to see if I can get a comprehensive hormone panel done soon.
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