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  • TVP - would you eat this?

    Hey guys and girls

    long story short is we are going camping with some friends next week, my girlfriend is a vegetarian that eats fish, and the friends we are going with are clueless about nutrition, and we each have to cook 2 meals each during the 10 days. Breakfast I plan on some no-grain museli and coconut cream and my two dinners will be high O-3 fish dishes. The rest seems like I will play it by ear but possibly a whole lot of trail mix and IF'ing.

    Girlfriend shocked me with this unearthly creation for her meal plan....
    Textured vegetable protein - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    Looks like some nasty shit to me, don't think I'd be in a hurry to try it.


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      I tried it once when I was vegan. I stuck to tofu after that. TVP is the single most horrible form of protein I have ever encountered. It doesn't just have no flavour, it is a black hole for flavour.


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        Originally posted by Ibz777ibz View Post

        Runnnn.. Run far far away.. or IF or take some beef jerky... That stuff is pure nastiness
        Of course im saying this from the POV of someone whos first experience with soy tvp involved extended emergency use of the bathroom facility's about 10 minutes after ingestion of some snack dip that I later found out was made from tvp

        Using the toilet & sink simultaneously... Nooot fun...
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          I tried it when I first began my journey, thinking I was doing the right thing. What I fixed was actually quite good. It has no flavor on it's own (or much) so it absorbs and takes on whatever flavor you give it. Tacos, sloppy joes, etc. I usually mixed it half and half with ground beef. I bought some TVP Italian Sausages that were really good also. If I didnt know what it was, I wouldnt have known otherwise.

          So, I bought a big bag of TVP. Then I found Primal and havent touched it since.
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            Well, I used to use it -I'm an eastern Orthodox Christian, and there are occasions when we fast from meat. I don't cook with it any more because I've decided soy isn't good for us, but if, on a Lenten day, a friend serves it to me, I'll eat it. I figure one or two meals aren't going to hurt me, and - if you can get past the idea of TVP being soy - it isn't a bad hamburger substitute. Most of the time my friends use it in either spaghetti, chili, or tacos.

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              I used to eat this stuff a lot, back in my early vegan days. It's pretty horrible. Even while I was still a vegan I figured out that the stuff is pretty bad for you and avoided it like the plague. It's packed with soy protein isolates, ick.

              That said, it's obvious that plenty of vegetarians and vegans find the stuff to be a godsend. So your girlfriend probably is trying to make a dish that she feels will come close to replicating meat.

              My advice is to steer clear of it though.


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                I'd have to be REALLY hungry to eat that. Like if I'd spent several days lost at sea/in the woods unable to hunt/trap/fish some type of human food. The thought of it makes me cringe.
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                  it's a by-product of nasty seed oil manufacture. i never touched the stuff even as a vegetarian. yuk.
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                    Highly processed, usually a soy by-product; shite, in my opinion. Better off eating bugs.


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                      After clicking on the link, I think I'd rather eat my shoe.


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                        Textured Vegetable Protein. If the name isn't enough to scare someone off, I don't know what would.


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                          Also, sometimes it's made with wheat gluten.
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                            Dude make pemmican, I made up about 20 4 inch cookies of pemmican and it lasted me 3 days of camping. Dried fruit, ground jerky and rendered fat. they dry into a thin sheet you can eat, I called it Lembas bread and ignored the crap everyone else ate.
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                              At OP how can she be vegetarian if she eats fish?

                              At Warmbear recipe please.
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