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    Originally posted by NDF View Post
    It might be because white potatoes are nightshades which can be inflammatory for some people. Since the primal blueprint is meant to be an anti-inflammatory Mark may not recommend them to avoid the problem that they may cause in some people.
    Yea but he touts tomatoes and peppers as okay. He loves eggs possibly as much or even more than meat, and egg allergies are somewhat common. Hell, we don't even have to get into nuts. Mark is nuts about nuts, and they're far more common allergens than nightshades. I honestly think most people don't know that white potatoes are nutritionally equal to sweet potatoes. I didn't know it for the longest time, and I'm willing to bet Mark is unaware, too. I think it's the GI and perceived "white food = low nutrition" mindset.
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      I honestly doubt it was the potatoes, carbs, or cooking oil. My guess that you're inflammed because you're sick. Your body is obviously mounting some sort of immune defense against a bug. I was sick a few weeks ago and held onto 3-4 extra lbs for the week, but they came off once I got over it.