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off the wagon somnolence....related?

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  • off the wagon somnolence....related?

    Hi. I am new here. I have been following the primal program for 27 days now. Before that I was practically primal, but had rice, potatoes, didn't watch my PUFAs. I can't eat wheat or dairy anyway, so primal was a good way to go.

    I have lost about four pounds in my almost four weeks, but that's not as important as the fact that I am getting leaner, at least visibly to me (nobody else gets to catalogue my little rolls). But this is what happened. Yesterday, I was invited to lunch with an older couple I know professionally. Older like really older, and I didn't want to (I know) whine about my dietary restrictions. So I ate lunch: Quiche with goat cheese, crust included, a whole wheat roll with margarine, and a salad with store dressing. AND a dessert bar, homemade but with sugar, wheat and likely more sugar. Fairly healthy by typical North American standards but violating my practices in many ways.

    Okay, so I ate it. Not horrible but quite a departure. We concluded the business part of the meeting and I went home to work but was so sleepy I had to lie down, at which point I dropped into a really deep sleep for two full hours. Felt like I had been hit by a truck, or drugged, or something like that.

    When I got up I was a little groggy but okay. I have been really enjoying a high level of energy during the day, good sleep at night...the other benefits of eating primal. Do you think this odd "got to crash now or I am going to crash on the floor" kind of sleep was related to eating this stuff that my poor body has been off for over a year (wheat and dairy)?

    Of course the usual is some pretty lousy gut symptoms the next day so I am waiting to see what happens there....maybe that's TMI.

    Anyway...your thoughts? Does this happen to anyone else? It is reason enough for me to eat was a crummy feeling.

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    It's possible it was the food. It's possible it was the stress of the event itself. I sometimes feel very stressed after an outing where I have to be "on" for other people, smiling, listening engaging. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but I am introverted and it can be tiring.
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      Sugar does that for me- wheat isn't the worst thing ever for me, a little bit of bloating/gassiness, etc, but a blood sugar spike causes a huge crash about an hour afterwards.

      Quitting sugar was probably the best thing I could have done for my studies. I never want to fall asleep in class anymore.


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        Thanks for the replies. Yeah, the outing was fun but I don't often do that sort of thing and I was a bit anxious beforehand, so that could be part of it. And just the carb load: sugar used to knock me out so I guess that could explain it.

        I ate okay last night except I let my one glass of wine turn into almost three, which is the most I EVER drink...and that led to overindulgence in the dark chocolate realm. But this morning it seems like my only side effect is crabbiness: I am quite irritable, and irritated with myself...of course...but I ate good eggs and bacon and wild blueberries and cocoanut milk in my coffee and feel on track, though not nice to be with (even to me).