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Please help me help my husband lose weight

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    Originally posted by paleodutch View Post
    I am dutch. The real butter is called roomboter in dutch and is used a lot in baking and on bread but most people use it as a luxury in the weekends. Grassfed butter is called grasboter.
    Hoi! (<-- I speak very little Dutch)

    Grass-butter, excellent! Or, as the British would say, brilliant! I'll be sure to remember it.


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      Today was much more successful, FitDay shows stats of:

      Calories: 2641 // Fat: 190.9 // Carbs: 93.2 // Protein: 146.4

      Husband said he was completely stuffed at dinner, and didn't finish all his second salmon patty.

      I think I have to plan 3 meals and 2 snacks for his day, at least for now until his metabolism and insulin figure out what they are doing. He had 2 ounces of Gouda and 5 brazil nuts in the afternoon, and while he said he was "starving" at dinnertime, I think all the fat did finally start to kick in.

      So, I got the brazil nuts because of 4-Hour Body, which really is one of the more bizarre books I've read recently. The side effects brazil nuts had on 4-hour dude are not unwelcome in my house, but I noticed that they are also really high in fat, like 85% fat, over half sat and mono. But, upon closer inspection, the o6-o3 ratio is like 100:1! Obviously, these little boogers are eaten by the piece, but that is still an incredible amount of o6. I bought them from a bulk bin at a very busy Whole Foods and am keeping them in the freezer, by the way, so they shouldn't be rancid. But there's just so many things to think about, so many things to worry about. Would it really be so bad if I kept 4-5 brazil nuts in DH's diet everyday?