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  • Could use some help

    Stats: female, almost 41, 170 lbs, guess about 30% bf. A little over year ago was 190 lbs, a significant amount bf more. 64 inches. Have a lot of muscle, put muscle on easily, but struggle to lose fat. I'm more of a larger build, more solid body type. Very proportional build though. Have always carried extra weight well.

    History: have had weight issues since 13. Had to have an ovary removed then. Gained ton of weight about instantly, just in time for high school. Thought teens, 20's, was able to lose weight, stay around 130-135 lbs by starving (or close to it). Late 20's-30's started having kids. 5 years ago, I dieted down by very low calorie to 160. Blew back up within 6 months once started eating normally. That was the last time I was able to do that. March last year, after months of weight watchers being ineffective, I stupidly tried HCG diet. for maybe 2 1/2 months. Lost 6 lbs in 2 1/2 months, when most people, especially at my weight lose that in a week! It was 800 cals.

    Then June of last year, I got tired of major cal restriction not working. Joined gym. Started with a trainer...bodyweight stuff. Then I started NROLW. Finally started seeing positive changes, but scale was always the same. Then I decided I like heavy lifting, turned focus to PL. from January to march this year, I cut calories to 1500, then to 1300. All while heavy lifting. Got scale down to about 175. From 180.

    April, may and June, I did a diet that a pro strong man put together for me. High protein, low fat, mod carb. Designed to put on muscle, gain strength. I was about 170 when starting. It was about 2500 cals a day. Scale stayed same, stayed same, then went up in 3rd month to 173-174. Gains were better in gym. But I really want to weigh a lot less. I entered a PL meet (though my lifts suck), but I could not in 3 months get scale to 165. Didn't want to enter at 181 class, so did not go.

    Then, I heard of carb nite. Did that July and August. Got down to 168, but every 7th night when you gorge on carbs, I'd be 4 pounds heavier right until next carb nite..when it woukd drop back down. Then back up, which made me think maybe i was just playing with eater weight. Very hard to lift in that diet. Very. But my belly did lose some fat.

    Switched to carb backloading. But I train in morning, and while I love loading up on junk the night before a lift, something in the back of my mind is telling me carb backloading is going to turn into carb back firing.

    So, what I forgot to mention is from September of lat year to March-April, I followed Primal. It too kept sclae same. Hence the change in diet. When primal, I kept cans around 75 g or under. I'd have to look back, but I do believe cals were around 1800. Protein higher, but much coming from whey.

    I had thyroid checked in November. TSH was like 1500 something, supposedly completely normal. Other two numbers were very very bottom of normal. dr said I just have slow metabolism. other doctor said I could always just accept my weight!!!'

    So, now I am stuck. Part of me thinks I should just follow primal again, continue to lift the weights, maybe throw some cardio in (hubby will bicycle with me for about 30 minutes...It's more akin to HIIT than steady state due to all the is all over place).

    The problems I have now are, the carb nite and carb backloading make sense. Training fasted, don't eat breakfast, .that I don't know if I switched back to primal (and normal carbs...75-100g) when I should time them, etc.

    I just don't know what do anymore. I try to keep calories around 1800. I guess with the carb backloading, maybe they are a little higher. but maybe not, because my other meals are very minimal. All the high fat food has been giving me belly aches. And also cause whey is discouraged, I'm not making even protein of LBM. So, I don't think the diet is going to work. I think I've added fat from carb nite too.

    I'm really just tired of trying to lose weight. Lose fat, whatever. And don't say don't worry about scale, because aside from gaining a little strength, my body is about identical. And a size smaller in clothes is no closer to fitting me than it was 5 months ago.

    My trainer/strength coach wants me to eat standard lean meats/low fat/carbs before and after training, the standard eat clean diet.

    Realize this is rambling. I'm just so tired of trying. I think my metabolism from always undereating is just dead. It really shouldn't be this hard.

    I trained fasted today. Squat day, it sucked. Came home and on,y thing I've eaten today is PWO protein shake. I do t feel like eating, but I know I have to.

    Ah what to do what to do. Advice is appreciated.

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    Just out of curiosity, have you read Primal Blueprint? Have you looked at what is making up your diet - aside from the amount of calories you are eating?
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      Bernernewf, you sound a wee bit like what I have been through in the past. The old yo-yo dieting cycle. The intensive training for a 1/2 marathon, strength training etc... I tried everything from South beach to WW to Leslie Kenton to Sureslim. Yep they all worked a little bit, but I was always hungry. Once I found the primal lifestyle everything changed. And I stuck with it. I saw initial results and then plateaued for ages....but I have adjusted my macros and am now seeing results again.
      Please read Paleo birds blog on eat moar fat. It really helped me put things into perspective. I was eating way too many carbs, but didn't realise it until I tracked them. Just this last week I have stuck to a 70gmFat/52gmCarb/140gm Protein split - and for me its working. Read the blog, take away what you will and get back into it.
      keep us posted
      "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

      ...small steps....


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        Yes I read the book. I followed it for about 6 months. Current diet for past few months follows Carb Nite Solution. Macro of about 65%fat, 3% carbs, rest protein. If I manage to get the protein. But switched to carb backloading, which is high fat/mod protein, and for me, carbing up night before training. I just feel it will backfire. I think normal eating is what I need. a piece of fruit if I want it.

        I think I'm going to back to Primal, figure out calories according to book, and keep carbs around 75g. Focusing them before and after weight training. and using about 90% compliance. So a few cheat meals.

        Re-reading section now to figure out cals, macros.


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          Plus I'm tired of a diet of 70% fat. It's starting to get repulsive, and giving me belly ache, and ultimately diarrhea. Gross I know!!! And I worry about muscle mass if I can't get protein in.


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            If your 'other numbers' were at the bottom of the range, you're probably hypothyroid, and the low hormone level will keep you from losing weight. In fact, you're really stressing your thyroid with the amount of exercising you're doing because it doesn't even have enough hormone to run your basic needs.

            You need to find a doctor who knows something about thyroid. Yes, you have a very slow metabolism, but that's the effect of not having sufficient thyroid hormones for your body.

            I'm hypothyroid, and I know from experience how difficult it is to find a good thyroid doctor, but this is essential for your health as no diet or OTC med can help with thyroid. You need supplemental hormones, which are only Rx.


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              I went to an endo. He did out me on lowest dose of synthroid, but because he made me feel like he was putting me on it to shut me up, I stopped taking it.

              Don't they base it on TSH? T3 and is it T4 were very bottom of normal. Like if it was .80, I was like .81. Whatever the range was, those two numbers were very low. But TSH was normal, right in middle, was told I produce sufficient.

              I do think there is a problem, but no one takes me seriously. Endo told me since I want to weigh 150, to eat 1400 calories. I guess that's the BMR of someone weighing 150. After that advice, who would want to go back??

              Mother has Hashimotos.


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                Also, aside from extreme difficulty losing weight, I have zero symptoms of thyroid. When I read most symptoms I'm opposite! Always hot vs cold, thick hair vs thin. No depression. Etc.