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    After 6mths of going between primal/paleo/dukan..nothing seem to work.. I am eating an average of 1200cal a day, used to a low carb diet by now, exercising at least 3-4times a week.. So this time around, I decided to switch back to primal and shall be determined to post my daily food intake, exercise, slp, medical condition (going to do blood test to rule out hypothyroidism if I can). AND I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS WORK!

    First 2 account recording. Conclusion of the day: I am still eating on impulse. Shall work on this and also to set up a workout routine!

    Will upload food log tml!

    BF:25.6% (goal:20%)

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    On sat I did a 40minute jog plus weight lifting of the following:

    Dead lift: 20kg 50x
    Crunches: 50x
    Chin up: (52lbs assistant) 30x
    Squat: 20kg 50x

    On average, the food I'm eating for the past 3 days have 60% fat (mostly from almond and fresh milk), 30% protein (from cottage cheese to lean meat) and 10% carbo (mainly from the fresh milk I drank and the yoghurt).

    BF calculation for today: 25.5% (although funny thing is my waist and forearm measurement increased but hip measurement decreased)..

    Would probably go IF soon!


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      There's actually a board specifically for journals, Isabel. Here:

      Primal Blueprint Journals | Mark's Daily Apple Health and Fitness Forum page

      Good luck with your aims. But to be honest that kind of thing worries me, and I don't think you're going about it the right way. you say:

      an average of 1200cal a day

      exercising at least 3-4times a week
      That's definitely not enough food. And that certainly could be too much exercise.

      Can I persuade you to listen to this podcast, which is, I think, the best illustration of why that kind of tactic doesn't work?

      Podcast 14: AHS Takeaways and Keith Norris Interview - Caveman Doctor : Caveman Doctor