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    Can I go to work with the awesome nurses? Yeah I don't want to alienate my professor. Before class starts and the professor is in the room my class mates have taken to asking me stuff about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I take that as a good sign. They all still eat at taco bell for lunch. I quietly keep my disgust to myself and play nice. I hope the seeds take root in some of them. I don't like to be preachy, I like people making their own decisions, however, there are sometimes that we all agree on, like soda and cookies are bad for you. I really don't like how they say one thing then completely do the opposite.

    My grand plan is to become a NP for Women's Health btw.
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      To the OP, I sympathize completely.

      I'm in school for physical therapy, but in the meantime I work as a medical assistant for an internal medicine doctor (who, before I get going here, really is one of the greatest guys I've ever met in my life). Anyway, I see all of the same stuff you've described every single day and it just kills me. What is taught in medical school (or anything health related, ex: nursing) is appalling when it comes to nutrition. These people just have NO CLUE. And by "these people" I mean those who went to school to work in healthcare and never learned anything outside of what was taught to them. What's sad is that these are often pretty smart, well-meaning, and hard-working people who really want to make a difference -- they're just being taught garbage and not realizing it. And what's really frustrating is that it's difficult to convince them that you know better because you're not an "authority" (like the government!). I get asked constantly by sick patients who just keep getting sicker, fat co-workers who just keep getting fatter, run down people who see me with plenty of energy, etc, what I do to stay healthy -- and then I'm met with skepticism when I describe how I eat and live. It's understandable that they'd be skeptical of what I eat, given everything they've been taught, but it's frustrating to see just how buried under CW crap our system really is at the moment.

      If you enter the world of healthcare, be prepared to spend most of your time cringing. Sorry.
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        I would look at it as trying to find common ground. They will agree with you on an emphasis should be placed on fruits, vegetables, and natural foods. They will agree with you that we should avoid sugary processed foods and fast food. Plus, you dont want to come off as that student that somehow knows more than the professor. It never ends well. Plus, we might be wrong. They might be right. I doubt it, but we ought to try to be objective. How many of us have really poured over the research ourselves? If it works for us, we tend to buy in. That is not saying that primal is not optimal, but we ought to keep an open mind.


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          It's tough, but I agree that you've really got to just grit your teeth and get through it. I had been trying to get my son in a healthy living program for over a year, and finally got him in (he's overweight) and of course they're teaching all CW stuff. Ugh. Fortunately, I've taught him enough that he doesn't just follow along blindly and do what they say. I hate that they're still teaching that the most important food group is "grains and cereals". Makes me want to tear my hair out!

          Even worse is one kid in the class... he's overweight and has liver disease and has been told by his doctors to eat NO FAT AT ALL. His doctors freak out as he hasn't lost a lot of weight (despite doing EVERYTHING right according to "them") and want him to have lap band surgery done (he's nearly 13!!!). Because yeah, that's gonna help. They get frustrated because he's not losing weight (and obviously think he's "cheating") but the truth is they're just shoving him full of high carbohydrate/low fat food . It's very sad... but I don't feel as if I can say anything, as they're all so entrenched in CW .

          I struggled for years to lose weight with CW, and could only do it through quite severe calorie restriction (and diet pills helped)... now I've lost a few kg eating primally and eating way more than I've eaten for a looong time. The proof is in the pudding, but in many cases you just can't get people to actually TRY because they're minds are too set in what they've been taught forever (I am so glad I finally saw the light... really).