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How much calcium do we really need?

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    Make sure the canned (preferably wild) fish includes both the skin and the bones which gives it the calcium. Just mash it all together. You’ll get a great blend of minerals (including trace minerals like selenium) as well as good Omega 3 rich fats, several B vitamins, and vitamin D.

    You can also have your calcium and vitamin D levels checked to ensure they're in the optimum range.


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      Originally posted by Lukey View Post
      Awesome, do you make the bone stock naturally out of the bones from the meat?
      I do. Whenever we eat poultry, the neck and giblets go into a stock pot of water with a few tablespoons of lemon juice while the bird roasts. After dinner, the bones go into the pot, too. It sits for about 12 hours at low temperature, then we pour the stock off and store it in the refrigerator. It's even better when we buy chicken feet to add to the stock pot, but we don't always.

      Every meal has a little stock added, if only to deglaze the pan. Sometimes we add heaps of vegetables and make a huge soup out of it and eat soup for a couple of days. (To make it last longer, you'll want to take the soup you need for a meal and heat that up rather than putting the whole pot on the stove.)
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        Gnaw on the ends of the bones like a rabid dog, cartilage, sinew, soft bones have all the essential nutrients for strong bones, then, as said get a good dose of early midday sun for vitamin D.
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