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2nd Day on Primal Diet

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  • 2nd Day on Primal Diet


    Today is the 2nd day on the Primal Diet. I'm doing the 21 day challenge, which is easy. Just eating and workout Primally.

    Yesterday, I felt very hungry. I was eating 4 fatty fried eggs for breakfast, a giant chicken veggie, macadamia nut salad with some olive oil and a bit of vinegar. DELICIOUS! For dinner, I had stir fry red bell peppers, zuchini and squash with some more chicken.

    Even with all that food I felt hungry.

    This morning, I wasn't really all that hungry, but I felt some hunger was coming on so I ate an omelot. Same lunch as yesterday and same dinner as last night. I felt like my pee smelled today so I think I'm in ketosis, but I don't know; it's only been 2 days...

    I walked around during work yesterday and today and jogged about 2 miles today. After my run I was hungry. My stomach was growling, but I didn't feel very hypothermic (down, low energy, depressed, etc.)

    Right now, I'm eating a small amount of blue berries and drinking a small glass of wine. After the blueberries, my body is getting a bit of chills? Like, I just ate a spoonful of sugar after fasting for a couple days kind of feeling...? Does that make sense?

    Right now, my stomach is still growling, like my body wants more carbs but I'm not giving in. After I drink this wine, I'll be about ready for bed.

    My questions are:

    I've been eating a lot of coconut oil, a lot of chicken and eggs and a ton of veggies. Should I eating more carbs? Should I run less miles until I get the hang of this diet and keto-adapted? I don't have carb flu (yet). Does this happen later? Should I assume I'm not completely keto-adapted just yet because I'm still feeling hungry throughout the day?

    Thanks for the suggestions and feedback!