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Allergic to Pork :'-(

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  • Allergic to Pork :'-(

    When I was a kid I found out that I was physically unable to eat pork. I know...sad story right? Pork Verdi makes my stomach hurt and throat itch. Bacon caused (and still causes) my throat to swell and itch, and pork chops make me projectile vomit. We had a 14' deep bathroom, and I hit 2' up the wall while standing in the doorway after only 2 bites of that delicious chop. I haven't tried pork intentionally since I was a kid, but still, when I eat something cooked in the grease or accidentally get into some bacon, I get the same reaction.

    The weird part? I could eat Hot Mama pickled polish sausages like they were going out of style. Yes, that's right, they're made of pork. I haven't had one in years, but I would assume I'm still fine with those.

    So my question is: could I be allergic to conventionally raised pork? Is it the hormones and additives and preservatives that I am allergic to, and not the pork itself?

    I bought a 1/2 lb of organic no nitrate hormone anti-biotic free bacon yesterday, but it isn't pasture raised. And I'm afraid to try it. Luckily with bacon 4 benadryl makes the symptoms go away, but on the flip side benadry makes me ravenously hungry.

    Any suggestions or insight?

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    My friend used to have terrible IBS. If she ate anything greasy or any fatty meats, she would immediately mad dash to the bathroom. I introduced her to the grain-free lifestyle about a year and a half ago. She was originally very, very skeptical, but after seeing me undergo huge changes in my overall health and body composition, she determined on her own there was something to this and gave it a try. She's mostly primal out of habit by now and has been avoiding gluten for months. She can now eat fatty meat and greasy things no problem. In her case, she clearly had an autoimmune condition (likely due to gluten intolerance) where greasy meat was the trigger, but it wasn't the underlying cause.

    I've never heard of a "pork allergy." Is it possible? I don't know, but if you can eat one kind of pork but not another, I doubt it's an allergy. You may have an autoimmune condition like my friend where something in pork is the trigger. Whatever your situation, it's certainly strange to me.

    I also know people that have big issues with the texture of animal fat. If you give someone a pork chop or a ribeye steak where fat is in big chunks, it makes them sick. However, if you take that same meat and grind it up and make sausage out of the pork chops or ground beef out of the ribeye, even though the fat content is the same, the homogenization removes the fat pockets and distributes the fat evenly, removing the fatty texture. Perhaps you're grossed out by large chunks of hard animal fat, which pork chops and bacon would be rich in, but sausage would eliminate. It could be a mental thing, similar to how a vegan or vegetarian will vomit if they're told they've eaten meat without their knowledge.
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      I had never heard of this before, but it seems you're not alone~

      Allergies Forum - Allergic to Pork?


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        I have read a thing on Weston A Price about pork causing fatigue and other issues for some people. They claim that fermenting the pork in any way eliminates the issue. That could explain why you can eat the sausages. It is a bit sketchy, but I believe I feel better since mostly eliminating pork from my diet. (I was sad too )

        I doubt this will help you at all, but my dog projectile vomits from eating even a tiny piece of pork.
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          I do love a lot of fat on my meat. It hasn't ever bothered me.

          The reaction to pork seems to run in my family, most of us having similar reactions on one side of the family, and the other side breaks out really bad. Now when I get the reaction then have to investigate why the reaction happened, so I don't think it's anything mentally related like the vegitarians.

          It hasn't ever stayed down long enough for IBS-type symptoms, always upper digestive (stomach and throat).

          Thanks for the allergy forum! I never thought to look outside of my family, just always thought we were weird!

          Fermenting it (the sausages) I though was neutralizing whatever it was inside the meat causing the reaction. That's funny about your dog
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