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Dairy - yes or no?

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  • Dairy - yes or no?

    I'm a newbie on Week 5 of no grain/starch/sugar. The first weeks were more so following Atkins until I found this site and discovered Primal sounds like a better fit for me since I don't plan to re-introduce grains. Reading as much as I can the last weeks, dairy is still confusing me. Some do, some don't? I use butter on steaks and veggies, been eating some cheese, and use heavy cream in coffee. This a no-no, or ok if my body ok with it?

    I need to lose around 50 lbs, but feeling awesome is goal #1, so I'm fine with slow weight loss if it means I get to enjoy butter and cheese sometimes...

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    With dairy, if you have made dairy elimination before and did not experience any negative consequences on re-introduction (weight gain, stuffy nose, stomach upset, etc) you cna tolerate dairy and all foods you listed are included into PB.
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      Like the previous comment, I, too, can tolerate dairy just fine. I can eat half a pint of ice cream or a big glass of kefir and feel peachy keen afterwards. (I don't drink milk because I just don't have the taste for it and I rarely eat cheese anymore; however, again, ice cream and some yogurts are a-okay in my book!) I don't consume this stuff daily and sometimes not even weekly - maybe a handful of times per month I will eat dairy products.

      But, that's me.

      Try cutting out dairy. If you can reintroduce it without issue, then you can make it a regular thing if you want to. Go for full-fat if you do; ideally, go for raw.

      Here's Mark's take on it: The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark's Daily Apple
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        Thanks for the reponses and link.

        What would be a reason to cut out if I feel fine consuming? I figured most cut it out if it didn't agree with them, or weight loss was stalled.


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          Mostly, no dairy. Some raw cheese sits okay with me, but I can't eat it on a regular basis. Everybody is different, but none of us are cows.
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            My butter and cream consumption has gone way up. I don't eat other forms of dairy any more.
            Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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              I think it all just depends on you. I have been off dairy for an extensive period of time and went back on with no problems. When adding it back in it was in the form of butter, cream, and full fat greek yogurt. I later added back pasteurized whole milk. After extensive research I discovered the dangers of pasteurized milk and to a much lesser extent fermented dairy which have live and active enzymes. I still consume pasteurized butter everyday and cheese on the occasion. I consume a quart of raw farm fresh milk everyday. I'm a growing 18 year old and its very crucial for me to keep my calcium intake at a minimum of 1000mg daily. Raw milk also contains many crucial amino acids.

              Here is a great site with facts about raw milk
              Raw Milk Facts...The Raw Milk Information Guide You Can Trust!

              Find a source near you!
              Where Can I Find Real Milk Products?
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                This might help you decide:The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple


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                  Originally posted by Stacy15 View Post
                  Thanks for the reponses and link.

                  What would be a reason to cut out if I feel fine consuming? I figured most cut it out if it didn't agree with them, or weight loss was stalled.
                  I didn't realize I was gluten intolerant until I stopped it for a month and then tried it again. Your body adapts to the thing you are intolerant to, to a degree and for a while. Once you are off it for a while your body may react a lot differently once hit with it again.