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  • Ketosis

    Hello all, I am new to Primal Living, began just 5 days ago, so far so good and love everything about it. My question is this, I had cut sugar out of my diet last month and then when I started Primal 5 days ago eliminated grains and limiting carbs to under 50, most days in the last 5 have been under 30, prior to that was probably closer to 100g. I purchased the ketostix and it shows a purple color meaning I'm in ketosis, my body burning fat....this is all correct right? So my question is, last time I was at the doctor he said I was extremely close to being diabetic. Does this purple color mean good = I'm in ketosis, or could it have something to do with diabetis? Hoping I've been able to achieve ketosis this quickly but it's new to me so thought I'd throw it out there. Loving the energy and excited for this new adventure. Thanks again.

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    This is a subject that often times confuses the newbies: ketosis vs. ketoacidosis. This will explain it to you better:

    Ketosis/Lipolysis vs. Ketoacidosis |


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      Thanks....sounds like I shoud be good to go and my body is just in ketosis and not to worry about diabetis. Very new to this so thanks!