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    So, this evening my boyfriend and I decided to order Chinese takeout. I decided to order something new and went with what I thought would be a Primal-friendly dish, spicy shredded beef, and an order of egg drop soup. The soup was awesome (this place has really good soups). I was disappointed to find my beef dish breaded and fried, however. But I though "oh, well, I'll just count this as my 20%." About three bites in all I could taste was the nasty oils they used to fry this monstrosity of a dish. The meat was actually seasoned well, but I had to scrape off that nasty breadding to be able to taste it.

    Next time I'll stick to a dish I know.

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    or next time why not try to make chinese primal friendly dishes at home?
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      if the wife and I are gonna do chinese, we hit one of the many local buffets that usually have beef+broccoli,crab legs, mussels and a spicy (not sugary, I asked) chicken offerings.

      There is also a traditional korean food restaurant near-by with a buffet that has shaved beef and kimchee. They have huge pieces of lettuce too so I can put tons of beef in it and eat like a taco while throwing back tons of kimchee LOL.


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        Originally posted by Bosstycoon View Post
        or next time why not try to make chinese primal friendly dishes at home?
        Point taken. However, the whole point if ordering out was to give me a break from cooking. We only eat out about once a month and this was SO not worth it.


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          We love Chinese food but do not eat out anymore. They ALL use MSG and seed oils. Even when you ask them not to....they will.
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            I'm finding that Chinese food, even at a place I used to like a lot, doesn't even smell good anymore. I can smell those oils in everything. Blergh.


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              Originally posted by Bosstycoon View Post
              or next time why not try to make chinese primal friendly dishes at home?
              ...because sometimes you're just sick and tired of frickin' cooking all the time.
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                Used to love the chinese eat in or takeaway. Even tried some of the sauces..pre primal yum...Now they just take like crap....amke your own with tamari, ginger, garlic...even brown sugar and rice vinegar ...yum.
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                  Take out Chinese would be a bad Primal choice anyways because of all the cornstarch in the soups and sauces. It sucks
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                    American "Chinese" food is an abomination. I'm biased, perhaps, because I've always considered it to be my least favorite cuisine for much of my life. If you want to eat out, I'd recommend not going for Chinese unless you know it is an authentic/Szechuan/etc. establishment that uses fresh ingredients and do not use as much sugary goop or MSG as the American places.
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                      I have more success choosing primal-friendly takeout at my local Thai restaurant, rather than Chinese (although I love me some Chinese!). Tom Kha Gai is coconut milk-based soup that is my go-to. I'm pretty sure there is sugar in it, but overall a better choice for me than General Gau's chicken Also, chicken or shrimp satay (minus the peanut sauce), and any of the salads. Thai is also much cheaper in my area than Chinese.


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                        We stopped getting chinese take aways after going primal. There were just too many nasty ingredients we didn't want to eat. So now we have Indian take aways instead. They do have vegetable oil, but other than that they're good.


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                          I find mexican is good- the place near me does a plate of carnitas which is just a huge meat pile. Hold the rice and beans.

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                            Chinese takeout ≠ Chinese food, and I doubt either are primal due to the oils!


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                              I work in a Chinese restaurant and the best I can say for the food is that the produce is pretty fresh. Beside the fact that the meat/veggies are bulk ordered with the goal being cheapest possible (aka loaded with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, and gmo's), every dish I've seen my cook make contains a combination of cornstarch, canola oil, cooking wine, sugar, soy sauce, and msg. Usually all of the above. I think this is pretty typical for these types of restaurants, so I'd be wary of it!