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is Primal dessert an oxymoron

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  • is Primal dessert an oxymoron

    what are some good desserts that somewhat fit into primal guidelines if there is any or is it a better idea just to leave sweets for a cheat meal.

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    our common dessert is to have frozen berries with coconut cream, chopped brazil nuts, and sometimes some dark chocolate too.

    sometimes, I blend it all up and then freeze it and we have it as ice cream.


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      Our go-to meal is baked bananas topped with whipped cream and a little dark chocolate. So good.
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        poached pears or apples would be nice too.


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          Originally posted by dnieto090388 View Post
          what are some good desserts that somewhat fit into primal guidelines if there is any or is it a better idea just to leave sweets for a cheat meal.
          Being new to this myself, I had a similar question.

          Aside from the "Occasional Indulgence" of dark chocolate, I didn't really see much outside of simply enjoying fruit.

          There are tons of recipes, though, here and in print, with all kinds of desert options.

          The common themes I've seen so far are as follows:

          Replace flour with coconut or almond varieties.
          Use whole (preferably raw) cream.
          Use honey as a sweetener.
          Use dark chocolate.

          I can't speak to how tasty any of this is. My guess is that one needs to de-acclimate (sounds like a made up word!) from sugar first. Then one probably has to get past the fact that the first few attempts at making "primal" deserts will end up not tasting nearly as good as one thought they would!

          After that, you can probably create a bunch of satisfying things. I wouldn't try to stack them up next to traditional goods at the office holiday party! But at least you'll have things that will be good to you!


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            We love whipped cream with berries, bananas some walnuts and a drizzle of maple syrup. If there is ice cream on hand that get thrown in on occasion. This is actually a go-to before soccer snack for my kids but my dessert!
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              Bananas in cream or berries in cream. It's even better if the cream clumps together.
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                "Paleo Comfort Foods" by Julie and Charles Mayfield has several dessert recipes that are primal friendly. I made one a few weeks ago (though I'm not generally a dessert person) that went over very well: apple crisp. Ingredients are almond flour, chopped pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg, coconut oil, vanilla extract, and Granny Smith apples. A small amount of honey is optional.
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                  Yeah, just call it dessert and eat what you want.
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                    Salmon Mousse Gelatin Ring and Raspberry Coconut Gelatin Dessert | Mark&#039;s Daily Apple

                    I have the same question. The few answers I have found so far include the berry jelly from the link above; a cheesecake with flaked almonds/chocolate/butter in the base, blended cream cheese/banana/vanilla essence/optional berries for the filling, whipped cream and fruit on top; truffles of blended dates/cocoa/almond flour/coconut and butter or coconut oil, roll into balls and refrigerate.

                    Apart from that baked bananas and chocolate, baked apples cored and filled with mixed fruit/spice/chocolate/butter/honey. All served with cream of course.

                    More suggestions very welcome!!!!!!!!!
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                      Any frozen fruit dipped in melted dark chocolate makes and elegant dessert. Raw cream and frozen fruit mixed in the blender makes a soft serve that is awesome.

                      Chocolate mousse is easy just whip some cream in the blender, add in an egg and about a tbsp of cocoa powder (unsweetened) for each serving. pour in glasses or bowls and chill to set up.


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                        Freeze 1/2 of a ripe banana in foil. It can be eaten with a spoon and is a sweet substitute for a frozen treat, pun intended.
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                          The other day I made dark chocolate covered strawberries and served them with a banana and dark chocolate whipped cream on the side. Primal or not, it was amazing.
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                            Banana slices, sauteed in butter are amazing. Then you could you mix together some almond butter, coconut oil and unsweetened cocoa and drizzle it over. To me this tastes way better than conventional sugary dessert.


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                              I actually like cheese as my dessert, and salted coconut milk. Crumbled creamed coconut. Nuts. I love fruit, but I try to eradicate sweet tooth. Unfortunately, savory dessert is still a treat, and I feel like eating treats. Based on this mindset, dessert/treats are probably better not be had, however, I personally have a complicated emotional investment into the postprandial stuff. Perhaps, that signal that the meal is over is important after all. I just don't know what is right, and how to establish the no dessert routine. So far, I believe that if one could skip the dessert it is a good idea to do so, but if not, a savory dessert may be better than a sweet dessert if you are working on your eating education under the conditions of sugar addiction.
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