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How should I tweak my diet/exercise?

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  • How should I tweak my diet/exercise?

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first post to the forum but I've done a good amount of reading, a lot of great info around here. Anyways, I'm a 21 year old college student and I've been trying the paleo thing since the beginning of the summer. I have a couple issues that hopefully you guys can help me out with.

    I'm a male and my body type resembles skinny-fat, 5'9" around 150 lbs; while I don't have a lot of fat on my chest (I also have skinny legs), I have a considerable amount around my midsection and hips.
    I recently got some blood work done and it seems as though I have "borderline low thyroid function" while the rest of the markers are okay. I have read parts of the iodine thread and I was thinking about adding it as supplement to my diet (I already take a multivitamin, Nutrilite Double X, and Omega 3 fish oil..thinking about adding Vitamin D as well). I try and make sure I get at least a gram of protein/lb of body mass, and I try to have a large salad at lunch every day.

    As far as working out, I do the PB Fitness workout a couple days a week, and I usually box a couple times a week as well. However, my results have pretty much stalled since the first couple weeks I turned paleo and I don't seem to be gaining muscle/losing fat and I can't figure out why.

    Any advice/suggestions? Thanks for all the help!!

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    What do you eat?
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      I usually skip breakfast because it is inconvenient for me to make food, so for lunch I usually have a large salad with salsa, steak/chicken/pork, with a little cheese and avocado. Then for dinner I usually have whatever kind of meat they are serving at the dining hall (usually roasted chicken or some kind of pork) with a small side salad. I do keep tabs on the amount of protein I am taking.
      Also, on the weekends I do have a couple drinks, but I usually stick to just a couple vodka sodas.


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        "Don't seem to be"? Have you taken measurements?

        Are you walking? You should be.
        Are you snacking? I hope not.
        Are you getting enough sleep? Minimum 8 hours, which is obnoxious in college, but definitely useful.


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          I walk to class, at least an hour each day. Also, I do snack a little, usually on beef jerky. Regarding sleep, I usually get 7-8 hrs, although some days it's more like 6.5 and others more like 9. I have not taken measurements, although I look back at pictures from around May and I don't seem in much better shape now. On an unrelated note, I have heard that iodine deficiency is a main cause of low thyroid function, do you think this would be a useful part of my diet? I was also wondering if Vitamin D would be worth it.

          Thanks for all the help! I've had this body composition my whole life, and I'm ready to make whatever changes necessary to be healthier!