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Do we procrastinate and how do we beat it?

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  • Do we procrastinate and how do we beat it?

    I read the title and "swear to God" I read no further. I would like to purpose that procrastination is a necessary evil. There are things in life that we can not procrastinate upon. Good food, good sleep, and good FEELING.....yes good feeling. Should the world (or your life) end tomorrow what would be the most important thing to accomplish today? I'm gonna go ahead and put sex at the top of my list. Am I crazy? I think not. So sex and anything that could lead to such is the first and formost thought of surviving the day right? Well, that puts things into perspective right? That is why I attended that all night party (trying to get laid) rather than studying for a biochem final! EZ PZ. I have solved all your procrastination questions....well except for the mountains of psychological ineptitude and self destruction given from some lack of love as a child or some other such theory.

    How to beat it? I say DON'T! Embrace the cram session mindset. It did me well all through my years of college. Nothing brings out ingenuity and or genius like a deadline. We achieve greatness under pressure IMO. That is why our current society is changing so fast. We are perpetuating this ideal. Is it good for progress.....I'm sure it is....what has it left for health...I'm not sure. (This was timed at 5 minutes and 12 seconds....goal was under 8 minutes for a reply).