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Women who have become fat-adapted--give me hope...

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    What a great idea for cheese chips -- Do you bake the chips both in the regular oven AND the microwave? I'm looking forward to trying this!

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      I am fat adapted, but dealing with some gut issues that make it hard to lose weight. Fat adaption is awesome, and so worth it -- not feeling shaky and having to eat every two seconds...well worth it. Hang in there. Many of us are doing it and you have a wonderful support group here.

      And I'm with the rest: ditch the Cheez-Its. Or if you need to, eat the whole box in one sitting, and focus how awful you feel on it. That was all it took for me to get rid of diet sodas. This is about eating well -- not anything else. You'll never stick to it if it is just about losing weight.
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        Originally posted by ennaejay View Post
        Throw away your box of Cheez-Its.

        Get a massive block of Colby Cheese.. slice up the whole thing, thin slices, like 1/8". Thin. Allow to come to room temp. If you want, dust them with some cayenne pepper or something.

        Bake on parchment at 300* for 10-12 minutes. Allow to cool at room temp. Place on microwave-safe plate that's lined with parchment paper and nuke the chips (about 5-6 at a time) for 45-60 seconds.

        Allow to cool again.

        You will never go back to Cheez-its, they are puffy, bubbly, MORE crunchy than crackers, salty, fatty, proteiny goodness.

        In my personal experience, carbs (like eating an apple) isn't just that simple for me. I eat an apple with almond butter, then I want yogurt and primal nut granola and raisins, then I want almond flour baked muffins, then..... ETC. You get the point. For me, carbs is a downward spiral, I'm not very tolerant of them, they don't fill me up. However, eating half a plate of mixed fresh veggies with butter and a couple of eggs, and CO in my coffee.... I'm good for a long time, with no cravings between.

        Mixing carbs with fat is a no-no for me (and others, I think). Makes me swell up like a puffer fish.

        Make the chips. You'll thank me.
        OMG! Have. To. Buy. Cheese. Now!
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          I think that there are lots of ways of looking at this question.

          Foremost, the question is what is your current body fat percentage and where do you want to go/be with it?

          Second, you'll need to get a sense of your own body type. There are some body types that will get leaner more easily, and there are others that will have to work excessively hard to get there. I am an ecto-meso, so I look tall/thin, but I also have a certain "softness" that comes out of the ecto side of things, rather than looking more "meso" which tends to look more muscular. My body sits comfortably between 18-20% just doing basic primal.

          Third, you'll need to keep track of caloric intakes and also your macronutrient profiles (percentage of fat, protein, carbohydrate) so that you know what is what.

          Finally, if you are active -- that is, if you want to run because you enjoy it (some people do), then continue to do so, but eat so that you can meet those needs.

          (Btw, gadsie is a 14/15 year old teen boy with a ectomorphic body type and high metabolism, so his advice to you is essentially moot; that being said, I eat about 2 pieces of fruit per day, everything else is veggies, eggs, and some meat -- then olive oil, butter, etc).


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            Originally posted by Antiochia View Post
            What a great idea for cheese chips -- Do you bake the chips both in the regular oven AND the microwave? I'm looking forward to trying this!
            Yep - do both. After the 10-12 minutes in the oven, they'll cool to soft, flat cheese cookies. Putting them in the microwave for that 45-60 seconds on parchment crisps them and makes them bubble up. It takes a couple of minutes to do them all, but so worth it. And one ingredient (plus spices)! Can't beat it! They hold up great for dips too. I can't keep them in the house - everybody snarfs them down on the same day I make 'em. Be sure to use parchment baking paper!

            To the OP:
            You stated: "Now I'm heavier than I was when I first went primal in April (most likely because I've been cutting down on the cardio--running is the only thing that never fails me as far as weight loss goes)."

            You know, I've found the same thing to be true, even lifting heavy 2-3x a week and weekly sprints doesn't keep my thighs as slim as running does. I backed off running all winter because of some GI issues and dietary changes, and only JUST started back up a couple weeks ago. It has been discouraging to feel like I'm starting all over as a runner, and especially with restricting carbs more than I'm used to. I feel GOOD when I restrict carbs, but how does one run on fat and protein? I've been scouring the forums, people do it. I think the key is to keep your heart rate moderate to low so it's your "move frequently at a slow pace" thing. You're looking for something sustainable, yes? You can still jog and be fat adapted. People even run marathons and ultras on paleo. Keep jogging if you like it and get results from it. *I* think you can still manage that just fine. It'll be especially beneficial if you do become fat adapted, you can even do it fasted and be sure you're "burning fat" instead of just the carbs in your muscles.

            Also, you're making comments about your weight being up. Have you taken your measurements? Are you making strength gains? Are you just retaining a couple extra lbs of water?


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              Originally posted by jojohaligo View Post
              \What are you doing with them in your house anyway? I
              I don't have Cheez-Its at home, but they call to me nonetheless.

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                Originally posted by Iron Fireling View Post
                Hmm the fact that you're having cravings and thinking about giving up suggests to me that you're just not eating enough. It's hard to tell though as you haven't listed a typical day's food. I've come across a lot of people who seemed to stall when their calories went too low. Of course, it's different for everyone!
                I assure you that I'm not eating too little. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the reason I'm not losing weight is because I eat too much. Though I can easily keep my carb intake less than 100 g/day (I usually eat around 75-80g--it's hard to get below 50 though), I eat between 2100-2300 calories and about 170 g of protein per day. That's definitely too many calories and too much protein. I'm a 5'4", 133 lb female. So you can see how ridiculously much I eat. Even if I fast most of the day, I still end up eating over 2000 calories during my 5-hour eating window.

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                  Then cut back on calories, push through the hunger and let the body adapt. in my 8 hr window, i eat about 1500-1700. (five ft seven and 128 or so).


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                    Dial back on protein and replace it with more non-starchy vegetables. That will reduce your calories, provide extra vitamins and minerals and fiber and you should still feel full and satisfied.