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Lupus and new diagnosis of stiffening heart

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  • Lupus and new diagnosis of stiffening heart

    Hi all,

    I am posting for a friend in hopes of getting some feedback from those who may have personal experience or more information on these conditions and paleo/primal, particularly on the heart condition (I've been paleo/primal for going on three years but have not been active on MDA boards for a while). Robb and Mark Sisson speak highly of Dr. William Davis, but his website is so busy, it's hard to make sense of it. So, I'm here for advice that I can pass on...

    A male friend of ours, who is married with a 2 year old son, was diagnosed with lupus a couple years ago. As far as I know his main symptoms are skin flare ups - I don't think he has achy joints, etc. He is a good friend of my husband's and my husband mentioned to him that I eat gluten free and that a GF plan could help with lupus. As far as I know, though, he eats a SAD.

    Recently he had blood in his urine, and his doc scheduled him for an ultra-sound on his heart (not sure of other symptoms, except he does have a murmur). The results came back as stiffening heart or diastolic dysfunction (what progresses to heart failure) and was told it is most common in obese women and older people. His grandfather died from heart attack at age 47 (great-grandfather also died in his 40s from heart attack), and that knowledge, coupled with his test results have him understandably freaked out.

    I know he runs and works to keep his weight down, but I think he has the tendency to gain easily if not careful. Like I said, I believe his diet is pretty much SAD. He sees a cardiologist soon, and I'm afraid they are going to have him on a no fat/low fat diet, which according to this article is what causes many heart problems to begin with.

    Whenever someone is diagnosed with anything, the last thing they want is a non-doc telling them try this or try that. But, I at least want to point him to some readings or something specific on this condition that may help him make some changes that could save his life. One article I read said the condition can be reversed if caught early enough.

    Has anyone here had a success story with reversing such a diagnosis? Or does anyone have suggestions about any readings that I can point him to (online or books) that focus specifically on heart disease? I know getting rid of gluten and minimizing Omega 6 and raises Omega 3's is a start, but what else?

    I hope I get good feedback here. It's such a scary diagnosis.
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    Get him off wheat~ give him the Wheat Belly book.

    Lupus May be Gluten Allergy | Bastyr Center for Natural Health

    from Wheatlessness and the New "Normal" | Wheat Belly Blog

    7) Glycation comes to a halt–Provided you don’t feast on M&Ms and Coca Cola in place of wheat, irreversible glucose-modification of proteins–that causes hypertension, cataracts, osteoarthritis, left ventricular diastolic dysfunction (stiff heart), conduction system disease leading to heart rhythm disorders and pacemakers, nervous system impairment (reduced sensation and coordination), and aging–subsides to its natural slow level.


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      Thank you! I was thinking about Wheat Belly and have been wanting to read it myself.
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        I don't know about the heart condition, but I have lupus and going primal has really helped. I have chronic joint pain and the primal diet has dropped the pain factor from about an 8 to a 4. I am on no medications, and just through diet, my conditions are halved.


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          That's good to know, Lisa. My sister also has lupus and hypothyroid -- I'm trying to encourage her to try it as well.
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