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24 hour fasting help plz

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  • 24 hour fasting help plz

    hi I was wondering what are the benefits of a 24 hour fast and is there any other benefits of going longer..thanks

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    Here is a link to part 2 of the BBC documentary which details the health benefits of a 3.5 day (84 hour) fast featuring Dr. Valter Longo.

    P2 Horizon Eat, Fast and Live Longer - YouTube

    The 3.5 day fasting part starts at about the 4 minute mark.

    Sorry, you also need to see part 3 to see the results of the 3.5 day fast P3 Horizon Eat, Fast and Live Longer - YouTube

    Part I is here (details daily calorie restriction not fasting).
    P1 Horizon Eat, Fast and Live Longer - YouTube


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      I highly recommend the three part series that pklopp did here on this forum about fasting.


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        You will become nice and hungry and you will enjoy your break-fast a lot!
        It might make you feel very happy, like it makes me.

        The researchers think that hunger-induced happiness is an adaptive measure. Getting food, especially in the wild, requires concentration, clear-headed perception and often cooperation.

        If hunger made us walk around in a funk, we’d likely become someone else’s dinner. Instead, ghrelin motivates and focuses us on getting some F-O-O-D! Stat!

        Hunger is not the only stressor that causes ghrelin to rise. Social anxiety can stimulate it as well. When mice were exposed to an older “bully” mouse (think, overbearing boss), ghrelin levels rose and stayed high for weeks.

        Elevated ghrelin could be why some people overeat when under pressure. If the stress-induced snack is avoided, the research suggests, ghrelin levels will remain high and help us confront the stressor in a calm, effective way.

        Hunger Can Make You Happy | LiveScience
        well then


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          I did a 24 hour fast yesterday, broke it for dinner at 11:00 last night. Damn it felt good. I've only done about 5-6 24 hour fasts, all in the past 6 months, but yesterday's was different, I just felt better than usual. Excited, elated, happy, energetic. I might start doing one a week.