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    I searched the forum for some reviews on the Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women and didn't find too much. I'm looking to see if anyone has used their products and how they've felt afterwards. I'm kind of skeptical,but desperate at this point.

    Ive been having digestive issues for sometime. I've really tried lots of elimination techniques, been primal for 2 yrs, strict paleo for the last 3 months, currently on my 2nd whole30. I feel amazing 80% of the time! The extra 20% has me going nuts. I get bloated like crazy after dinner of an afternoon meal. Regardless of what it is, when it is, I bloat. I'm a small girl, so it makes me look ridiculous. It comes along w pain, cramps, nausea, but not much gas and no bowel movement. It goes away a few hrs later

    Are probiotics the way to go? Just looking for some opinions. Thanks

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    Over the past 10 months I've rotated several probiotics, among them the RAW kind you mentioned. I actually have a bottle of the "for women" one in my desk at work.

    For me, yes I think taking probiotics have helped. It's taken me a long time, and I take a lot of them (2-3 capsules 2x day), but just now after 10 months, I think things are really getting better. I rotate lots of different brands, because you know they're all different and I think it's good to have a variety. I'll take one kind in the morning, another kind at night, and at lunch if I think about it, I'll take a different one. Of course, you have to work up to this amount because the die-off of the bad bacteria can really make life difficult... .... and STRESSFUL! If you know what I mean.

    I also try to semi-regularly include a few different kinds of dairy products with live cultures, which I think has helped.

    Recently I've started adding in a "Krautsalat" (which is like a fresh sauerkraut type thing) and also some pickled fermented beets. This has also helped.

    I think that when you're trying to heal your digestive system, it's not an overnight thing. It's something that takes a long while, so think long term here, not quick fix.

    The bloating, cramps & nausea sounds to me like yeast die off, or a herxheimer reaction reaction. Basically, when too many of the bad flora in your gut die at once you get bloating, cramps, etc. Maybe do a little research into it and see if it fits.

    Alternately, maybe you should take a digestive enzyme with meals?


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      I have been taking garden of life's probiotics on reccomendation from my naturopathic doctor. I've never had many digestive issues, so I don't think I've seen any big differences. But it doesnt hurt!
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        I still don't understand this fascination with taking probiotcs. Yes, they are great for us, no doubt. But I think... We could all save a lot of money, give our taste buds a wonderful treat, and get some vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants along with our probiotics by simply eating some fermented vegetables and fruits from time to time!

        And may I just say... Since starting my fermented veggie habit, my gut has never been happier! :P
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          I hear so many different views on probiotics! It's hard to think what might actually work for me. I agree that it's not an overnight thing to heal the gut. I guess my issue comes in here.... I've had no digestive issues at all! Up until a month ago I was completely fine. One day I got crazy cramps, I was doubled over and nauseas- it passed within an hr. ever since then, I've had flare ups every few days. Not nearly as painful, but still there.

          I do t understand the probiotic thing either, but I'm desperate. Any places I could BUY fermented veggies? What kind of sauerkraut is best? I'll give this stuff a shot drumroll!