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Can you become more sensitive to certain foods over time?

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  • Can you become more sensitive to certain foods over time?

    I am sensitive to carbs. Started in my early 20's and has really gotten worse over the past 15 years

    At first it was just bloat and gas when eating grains. No bathroom issues or pain but I can easily gain 10 lbs eating a SAD diet in a weekend and then lose it just as fast

    I'll cut out all carbs like dairy, fruit, grains sugar exc... And feel amazing but so limited that I add them back in and feel terrible

    I used to feel okay with fruit and dairy, almonds but lately even one plum makes me feel terrible. My body feels like my blood sugar dropping. I get really bad stomach pains, bathroom blowups, bloat. The pain is just terrible

    And seems to be getting worse and worse

    Can that happen? The more an longer I cut things out, the more sensitive I become to them

    I feel amazing eating vegetables, fats and proteins. I eat meats fish exc... But mentally I feel so limited without any fruit dairy... Even though they make me feel so bad

    And I'm worried if their would be long term affects on my hormones and thyroid being so low carb long term

    Anyone else in the same place?

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    Yes, that definitely happens. Long term vegetarians have a similar response when reintroducing meat, because your gut flora isn't adapted to the 'new' foods you are introducing to it.

    It's like a double whammy on top of the actual reasons for not eating the food. Think of it as nature's way of helping keep you on the wagon.
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      I have found this too.. A plum shouldn't make you that sensitive, but.. if you feel good eating clean, losing weight, energy up, maybe your body isn't prepared for plums so don't eat them yet..

      I do battle this too though.. The cleaner I keep my diet, the more sensitive I become.. I also don't like this feeling.. Makes me become way too paranoid & robotic with my food selection.. I'm trying to add as much diversity as possible..

      May want to try chasing that plum with some fat (like eggs.. maybe use the plum as breakfast or lunch item on a salad, drown the salad in olive oil.. This has helped me slow the digestion, limit the bloating & pain from the fruit)

      I also have used yogurt to ease my body back into dairy.. I do well on goat cheese now & make sure to gobble up quite a bit of full fat yogurt everyday.. Also helps ease the inflammatory responses of carbs, for me..
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        I'm glad somebody posted this question! When I started my primal lifestyle, I felt great - no cravings, no gut issues... just "right"! About 6 weeks into it, I started getting all sorts of GI issues and I'm not sure why. I never showed any signs of food sensitivities until, coincidence or not, I started eating a primal diet.

        Even when I was a wheat-eater, I never showed sensitivity to it, but now when I have french fries that apparently were coated in some kind of wheat flour, I get sick 15 minutes later. I never showed signs of dairy intolerance in my entire life (although as a teen my dermatologist said my acne could've been triggered by dairy), yet now when I drink kefir or ice cream I feel ill.

        I'm seeing a Naturopathic Doctor next week where I plan on having an allergy test done, but they're having me keep a food diary before our appointment. So, maybe I'll have an answer once and for all. To the OP: seeing an ND may be a good idea for you, too. I'm also going to get a full physical and bloodwork done (to compare to my pre-primal one) by an MD as well, so that may be an option for you as well.
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