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100% strict whole30 and lost no weight?

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  • 100% strict whole30 and lost no weight?

    Just done a month of 100% strict Whole30 and not only didn't lose weight at the usual rate, I actually gained 3 lbs. I've been Primal 6 months now and have steadily lost weight at a rate of around 7-8lbs per month while being 90% strict. Am still over 200lbs so a long way to go.

    I generally do a long fast most days, not eating until lunchtime or only having a snack at breakfast time. I don't really nibble on nuts, or have lots of sugary/starchy things, because I seem to sensitive to too much starch as well as gluten and lactose.

    I feel FABULOUS, am really glad to have gone a whole month without any diarrhea! It would have been nice to lose weight too though.

    Anyone else done something like this and not lost weight? Is it possible my intestinal lining and other body systems have healed to the extent of gaining several pounds of weight? Or have I just gained fat and I'm kidding myself?
    Start weight: 238 lbs (March 2012)
    Current weight: 205 lbs (July 2012)
    Loss so far: 33 lbs!!!
    WOE: Primal + IF
    Movements: Hiking, sprinting.
    Goal: to see my abs some time in 2013!

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    Could be muscle/fat displacement; could be that your calories were higher than you realize as well.


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      I know this isn't helpful, but what's Whole30?
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        And what do you look like? I mean, do you have a ton of muscle already? I'm built like Danzig and it's not easy for me to lose much fat at this point, so I feel you. But I started at 215 and got down to 190 without Primal, and now hovering around 170-175 on Primal. I just decided to get a little more cut, though, for an "after pic", so I'm going full keto for a bit. Have you tried that?
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          Not sure why you didn't lose weight. Maybe this article will bring some comfort though in other ways:

          174,203 Ways to Measure Health (Besides the Scale) | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

          Really sorry you didn't get the result you were after. Must be very disappointing :-(


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            I have around 70 pounds of fat still to lose, am taller than the average woman so I tend to be able to put a lot of muscle on, although I haven't really changed my exercise routine.

            That 'ways to measure health' article is really helpful, thanks. I have generally felt better this month than I have for a long time. I also managed to get through a camping weekend where almost everyone drank alcohol, without drinking, and felt ok about ignoring the pressure to drink.
            Start weight: 238 lbs (March 2012)
            Current weight: 205 lbs (July 2012)
            Loss so far: 33 lbs!!!
            WOE: Primal + IF
            Movements: Hiking, sprinting.
            Goal: to see my abs some time in 2013!


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              I am just finishing up a Whole30 too. I haven't weighed yet - have a couple more days to go - but can tell I haven't lost much, maybe a couple pounds, if any.

              It has helped me get some better habits going and off things like bbq sauce and yogurt with sugar/honey, etc.

              I think I will keep eating this way, but can't decide whether to continue to force the breakfast, or go back to my usual morning IF. I think eating regular meals has helped me stay on track in the evening better, but I'm still not hungry in the morning and don't like taking the time for a meal then.

              I also think I'll stay off the half and half because coffee was really a crutch for me, wanting it all day. Now I'm down to just two black cups in the morning. With cream, it's a treat and I want it all the time. I will go back to regular butter though instead of ghee and occassional cheese.


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                Weight is not synonymous with health. I agree with others that you should focus on other things besides the scale!
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                Weight does NOT equal health -- ditch the scale, don't be a slave to it!


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                  Plenty of times. Just eating good food does not equate fat loss.
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                    Originally posted by BobbieShen
                    I just decided to get a little more cut
                    haha! you have a stalker. stole your avatar and everything!


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                      Well, you're female. The IF may not be as helpful as you think it is in terms of weight loss. You don't mention your age, are you still menstruating? If so, what point are you at in your cycle? Could that account for the weight difference?

                      This is going to sound strange as well, but were you eating enough? If I don't eat enough, I gain weight. I have to consciously be sure I'm eating enough. On the other hand, be sure you have decreased your food consumption in line with your previous weight loss. Also, it maybe just be that your body took this month off to do some healing rather than weight loss.


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                        Are you smaller?

                        I've gotten noticeably smaller lately, no scale loss, up a few lbs, but things fit better. I try and go by clothes fit. Scales can be misleading. They themselves can malfunction. PMS? Can bloat you. Lots of reasons you could be up 3 lbs. other than 3 more lbs of fat.

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                          Do you know what was causing your diarrhea?

                          Gut Sense: How to reverse and prevent constipation in children and adults
                          Check this site out.

                          If you have not had success losing weight in the past with other diets, it may take some time for your system to heal/adjust before you lose weight without exercise (you did not mention any).
                          Depression Lies