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Parents: Are your kids primal too?

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  • Parents: Are your kids primal too?

    My 4yo DS is starting kindergarten this year and I'm stressing out over ideas for his lunch. Before starting primal I limited his grains and dairy due to chronic constipation and I noticed that his behaviour improved immensely. I want to pack him more primal lunches but I'm a bit stressed on what to include. Breakfast will be my MILs pastured eggs and probably some pre-cooked bacon (that I pre-cooked, dont' panic! lol) So I'm packing lunch and 2 snacks... oh and I'm pretty sure they are nut free I've asked about almonds as my son eats a lot of home made almond butter but the jury is still out. Ideas?

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    You should check out Nom Nom Paleo and PaleoParents - both excellent resources for families thinking of or already raising their kids primal/paleo. At the moment, Nom Nom Paleo is in the middle of posting daily what she packs for her kids lunches now that they're back in school. Check them out!
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      Thanks MissJecka, that's EXACTLY what I needed!!!


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        I have been packing lunches and snacks for my 5 yo all year last year, and it was not as hard as I thought it would be. I use leftover meats, boiled eggs and veggies; pack a cup of berries with plain yogurt; a piece of fruit or baby tomatoes. She did not like dehydrated chips, but I will try again. I will be trying to make more jerky this year mostly for my husband (pack his primal lunches too, same as baby's pretty much). My kid also loves pepperandwiches (fresh pepper stuffed with whatever).
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          I'm not a kid, but I'm 17, and I found out about Primal 6 months ago, and have been adhering to it for the past few months. I still get cravings to eat kiddy snacks. NomNomPaleo and PaleoParents are great resources. I also heartily recommend the book "Everyday Paleo". The author, Sarah Fragoso, has three little ones. At the beginning of the book, she has a section of general snacks she recommends for younger ones, like yams, bananas, avocados, scrambled eggs, coconut milk smoothies, turkey chunks, pears, and veggies with almond butter.

          The lunch she packs for her first grader includes foods like chicken salad, grapes, cashews, guacamole, and turkey wraps (turkey between lettuce).

          There are also recipes in the book that seem especially good for children, like baked apples, BLT with avocado spread, salmon rolls (salmon salad with cucumber rolls wrapped thinly around), and "Bugs in a Boat" (celery sticks topped with almond butter, four raisins/cranberries, and lightly sprinkled with coconut flakes).

          She has a website that you can also check out: About | Everyday Paleo

          If you look down on the page, she even authored two children's books, which are bound to be filled with good ideas!

          Best of luck.


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            OMG!! That nom nom paleo has so much wonderful looking food... Thanks for the link!


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              Here's what our kids have as their kindy lunches:
              Apple, Banana, Mandarin, Yoghurt, Cheese, Jerky, nuts (cashews and pistachios)

              We tried boiled eggs too but they never ate them.
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                Yes, DS is primal.

                When we pack his lunch we tend to make sliders (mini hamburgers), cut veggies and several pieces of fruit. I also make a trail mix for him.


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                  I am faced with the same predicament and my plan is the bento box idea from this blog post
                  Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary: Launch of Lunchbox Adventures

                  I found some containers called Lunch Blox that click together like lego. They come in all different sizes and we are going to try some of these ideas out. I loaned my copy of "Everyday Paleo" to a friend but just picked up "Practical Paleo" and I love it almost as much as "Make it Paleo"!

                  Hopefully we won't get any grief from the teachers about there being a food group missing in our lunches.
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                    Originally posted by goin2befit View Post
                    OMG!! That nom nom paleo has so much wonderful looking food... Thanks for the link!
                    I know...Nom Nom Paleo is AMAZING...


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                      My kids are not primal. They do eat rice, and some bread, pasta and cookies and such here and there. We limit seed oils and HFCS.

                      Many of their lunches are primal...leftover chicken, tuna salad 'sandwiches' on sliced cucumber, pepperoni & cheese, hard cooked eggs, jumbo meat balls, cut up veg & fruit, dried fruit, yogurt, deli meat rollups...alot of the things you find on the websites mentioned.
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