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    They are made with glucomann (kojac root I believe) which is a soluble fiber and found in many new diet pills. Does anyone know anything about these noodles? Are they any good? Are they worth trying? Will they harm the body in any way?

    Here is a link to the product.

    Miracle Noodle Shirataki Angel Hair Pasta, 7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6): Grocery & Gourmet Food


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    I've tried them and they're pretty good. They kind of have the texture of Asian rice noodles. They are a huge lump of just about pure fiber so I wouldn't advise eating a whole lot of them at once. In my experience that can create a rather plugged up feeling in the digestive system.

    I really prefer kelp noodles.


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      They are ok, take on the taste of the food/sauce they are cooked in-just have to be sure to rinse them thoroughly or they can have a fishy taste. I use them in Asian stir-fries and find them quite good. Reviews have been mixed in using them in lieu of a pasta with a tomato sauce.