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Felt like crap while hiking. Could it be due to a lack of carbs?

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  • Felt like crap while hiking. Could it be due to a lack of carbs?

    There's my question. I went for a hike a few weeks ago and I felt great. It was easy. I don't remember what I was eating though.

    Then over the last few days I ate close to zero carbs and then went to attempt a slightly more challenging mountain. I didn't like it. I felt like crap. And some how I don't think that it should be that way.

    I am wondering why. Some how I think its because I need more carbs in my diet. I recognize that people these days often get way too many carbs. I would also argue that they consume way too many calories overall and that's why they are overweight and eventually become obese.

    But something tells me that too low of carbs is no good for active individuals. People say that too much carbs spikes insulin and makes it so you can't burn stored body fat. But I would go on to argue that its only if you eat too much.

    So there has got to be a range for carbs that is more ideal for people depending on their activity level. I'm thinking you need carbs. But just not too much.

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    and your point is?


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      Wait...let me get this straight. You took a hike on an easy mountain carb loaded......then you took a hike on a HARDER mountain after 3 days of eating no carbs. I'm just going to assume your a bit naive rather than trolling. If your going to that low a level of CHO then you have to consume low carb for at least a few weeks till your adapted enough to be doing strenuous exercise in that state. Three days is just enough to deplete your glycogen....NOT adapt....then stress your system. Basically you did the best thing possible to make yourself feel lousy.


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        I could take a guess at some numbers maybe 50-100g for weight loss, and perhaps 150g for easy maintenance? lol
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          I hike all the time. I'm practically a pro. When I did it high carb I got to the point where I couldn't eat enough and I got fat. Read this: Why Hikers Get Fat And read this to see pictures of me getting fat hiking the PCT. Philosophy & Technique Ketogenic diet as a way to lighten pack? -- Forums

          When I switched to low carb, I went from being the fastest hiker on any Sierra Club hike to being the slowest. Until I adapted. Then I was just as fast as I always was plus I was the only hiker not eating any lunch.

          You may be interested to know that for endurance exercise, low carb is recommended in some circles. Read this: Phil Maffetone, - Healthy Hiking and this Phil Maffetone, - Fitness
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            I love being fat adapted. I can not eat all day and hike for hours with no additional glycogen. I especially love it when I get hungry, then stop getting hungry as my glycogen minimizes and my fat-burning kicks in.
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              When we hike, we take little snacks with us even if it's only a day hike.

              Yesterday, we took olives from our local olive bar, a couple of peaches, a couple of tiny packs of pecan butter, and two frozen coconut waters. My hubby ate all of his items and felt great, and I only ate two olives and my coconut water and felt perfectly energetic. Anyway, those are some ideas for things that are easy to haul around with you.

              I'd love to be able to take some kind of jerky, but we cannot find any here that is made without sugar!


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                Making jerky is easy. I always thought it would be tricky and dangerous. But it's brain dead easy. The hardest thing is finding lean enough meat. I use beef heart but I've also used cheap london broils on sale at Ralphs.
                Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                  You're only 3 days into low carb, you're not effeciently metabolizing fat yet, no wonder you felt like hell.

                  I live in Utah, and go on strenuous 6-8 hour hikes every weekend, up trails that could be kindly described as mostly vertical, in 95 degree weather. I'm not in great shape, but I eat my normal breakfast in the morning, and am good with a bit of pemmican or a few almonds in the middle.

                  I've been eating < 20g carbs per day for the last 80 days.


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                    Okay~ the first few weeks of VLC/ketosis can really mess with your electrolytes. There is more to adapting to fat/ketone burning than just the lack of carbs~ as the carbs go down, so does the excess water and with it, electrolytes. Plus, it's summer, meaning more sweating. If you start a physical activity in a deficient state, you will hit the wall.


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                      sbhikes - do you dehydrate your jerky? I have a wonderful 9 tray Excalibur dehydrator sitting here, largely not being used, leftover from my days as a raw vegan. I'd love to use it to try making my own jerky. I may have to do some googling for recipes!


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                        Yeah, I have a cheap Ronco dehydrator. I made beef heart jerky. The recipe is in the forum and easy to find on google. I also just cut slices of london broil and dried them as-is for pemmican. No marinating or anything. Not tasty for jerky but unflavored is good for pemmican.
                        Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.