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Anyone actually using Primal Fuel? Any alternatives?

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    Whole foods carries it under the brand name artisana, nutivia calls it coconut mana
    Cool, thank you. I usually just shop Superstore & SS Organic Market so far. Gotta find the Whole Foods.
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      Wouldn't you need a blender to make the primal fuel into a tasty drink?

      I keep cans of salmon in my office, plus a can opener and a metal spoon. I open the can in the bathroom. I throw the can away in the bathroom, too. They only empty my office trash once a week but they clean the bathroom every day. I snag mustard packets from a little store on campus to add a little flavoring to the salmon, too. I know you can do sardines and not need a can opener, but I think salmon tastes better than sardines.

      Right now, in addition to cans of salmon, I have a large jar of dried olives (wow, those are good!), coconut manna, macadamia nuts and some coconut cream powder for my coffee. But today's lunch was a salad I brought in a thermos: avocado, tomato and tongue.
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        I keep Primal Fuel at work with one of those shaker containers with the metal ball so it mixes well. Have had very mixed experiences with protein shakes being tasty and filling enough, and PF works for me on both counts (at least the vanilla-not so big on the chocolate.)


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          Originally posted by Leida View Post
          Can one use coconut oil instead of coconut butter in the fat bread? I have seen creamed coconut and coconut oil, but never the coconut butter? Or can the regular butter do?
          Coconut butter (some brands call it "manna") is the whole coconut ground up, meat and all, not just the oil. The bread needs this substance for the eggs to bind to to make the dough...well doughy.


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            Thanks for the egg powder recommendation! I want to add more protein to my post-workout smoothies, so I bought some vanilla whey, and I guess I'm just not used to sweetener anymore, because I find it sickeningly sweet. And it gives me gas. I think I'll get some plain egg powder to use instead.


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              Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
              I swear this stuff is like Hobbit cakes. You eat a little bit and it keeps you full for ages.
              Technically that was Elven lembas bread. (I'm sorry, I'm a stickler on such matters; see avatar.)

              There are a lot of whey powder variants on the market, but if you really need something which is not messy and doesn't need any prep whatsoever, maybe the Primal Fuel is the best option. If you're not into coconut, you're probably better off with plain whey powder.

              Danielle, check the ingredient list. If the whey powder had sugar alcohols like xylitol or mannitol or sorbitol or any --ol , that might be what gives you gas. Stevia might be a better option, and it doesn't seem to be as sweet.
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                Originally posted by oxide View Post
                Technically that was Elven lembas bread. (I'm sorry, I'm a stickler on such matters; see avatar.
                No, not at all. I was trying to remember that name. Thank you. Been a while since I read Tolkien.


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                  I must have looked at a dozen at least different brands of protein shakes this weekend at no less than three different stores. I was less than impressed - honestly Primal Fuel does look like the least of the evils. That being said, after discussing the overall with my boyfriend, we agree that I should make better effort to eat whole food during my lunch rather than try to "cheat" lunches with something less than Paleo or less than Whole30.. I am doing a Whole30 in September.

                  So this week I am eating fruits, veggies, nuts, and a hardboiled egg for lunches, which I will have to remember to pack either at night or in the morning, and of course remember to take it with me in the morning (the hard part, for me). My boyfriend pointed out that it seemed silly to have something like a meal replacement shake when so much of my time is spent obsessing about whole foods and eating naturally and communing with my food and so forth. It seemed a much more simple-wholesome-life decision to just get my ass up 10 minutes earlier in the morning than shell out 80 bucks for an admittedly un-paleo chemical option.

                  Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I am definitely going to treat myself to the fancy gourmet grassfed beef jerky when I get paid!