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Made the office peeps jealous this morning

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  • Made the office peeps jealous this morning

    I had to go in to the office this morning instead of right to the gym and I brought my breakfast with me. Everyone around is eating low fat muffins, bananas, premixed yogurt crap follow by their low fat mocca latte swirl.

    I had a big cup of Kicking Horse Bear Claw dark coffee with my favorite breakfast. Organic ground beef, organic ground bison, organic beef garlic sausage goulash. Onions, garlic, red potatos, carrots, mushrooms, tumeric, cayenne, cumin seed with a little salt and pepper. As I scarfed down my big meaty breakfast I noticed Mr. low fat muffin staring at me. I asked him how his muffin tasted as I enjoyed my last few mouthfulls of juicy protien and organic veggies. I think his voice actually cracked.... It's good to eat meat.

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    love it - "Mr. low fat muffin staring at me" - made me laugh
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      Yea but what do you squat


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        This happens to me at work all the time, especially on Fridays when we get free continental breakfast (pastries, muffins the size of ottomans, fat free yogurt, granola, bagels, fruit, fruit juices) that my coworkers graze throughout the day. When I warm up my home-made pulled pork and grilled veggies while slicing up half an avocado, I get asked things like, "Oh, you forgot about the free food again, didn't you?"

        Just now I warmed up my first meal (brunch, maybe?) of two pork sausages topped with horseradish and avocado, wrapped in swiss chard leaves... making the kitchen smell like pork and spices. The two girls at the vending machine, presumably deciding between bagged fried carbs or bagged sugary carbs, were watching me out of the corners of their eyes.
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          Originally posted by The Return of Dado View Post
          Yea but what do you squat
          Not enough my friend. My lower back just can't take the loading anymore. I pistol squat like a mo fo though.


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            Yep - I brought chicken curry (which I eat over chopped, mixed veggies) today. When that heats up people sit up and take notice! I admit - there is that part of me that now looks forward to all the comments I get on good it smells. It makes all my pasta-eating co-workers look jealous.


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              And here I thought my salmon and cottage cheese for brunch sounded good, until I read your alls I normally don't do breakfast but I have been hungry the last few mornings.
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                My pumpkin custard was definitely causing some interest today.
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                  I love making the break room smell like bacon!

                  "You must have a great metabolism, that's why you're so skinny..." (snarfs down fucking 100 cal muffin pack)
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                    I typically get comments like "your food always looks so great." What I want to do is snap back at them and say "it's because it's real effing food you moron. Now go enjoy those ramen noodles you tool."