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100% locally sourced meal! and a question

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  • 100% locally sourced meal! and a question


    I'm proud to present my first 100% locally sourced meal! I used the recent herbed bricked chicken recipe. It turned out pretty decent, but I am coming from a background of really being disgusted by things that remind one you are eating an animal. I ate a bit of the skin, but had to choke it down despite it tasting good! Now I'm set to make stock with the bones and the large amount of leftover skin--do I just throw the skin in there a well, or should I do something else with the skin? It would be nice if there was a skin pate or something

    Thank you!

    My intro post:

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    Just think of the skin of an animal like the skin of an apple. But with hair and feathers.

    Also, just a note for future posting - you'd be better off hosting your images offsite with something like - it takes a long time for the attachments to be "approved" for view here.
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      Thanks for the tip!

      I intend to plug away at the gross factor. Last year I learned to skin animals to help with it.