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Protein calories vs fat calories????

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  • Protein calories vs fat calories????

    How do you properly measure the number of calories in a protein rich food that contains fat as well as protein? Example - egg.
    Total calories =70 (50g)
    Protein calories = 24 (6g)
    Fat calories = 46 (5.1g)
    Do I count all 70 calories toward protein or do I break it down.

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    use a food tracker like Cronometer, it will graph it all out for you.


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      I use sparkpeople and it tracks it all. I just feel I need to for the time being. I need to know the break down and the totals.
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        I know trackers will help me count calories and break it down - but I feel that still doesn't help me understand how to count the type of calories. I guess I am asking how does Mark count the calories - per total for item, or breaking it down and then counting per macronutrients content. 100g of chicken weighed is not equal to 100g of protein in that amount of chicken - so would I count the 100g (3.5oz) weighed as 100 grams of protein? Or solely count the protein grams contained therein towards my daily totals?


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          If you use cronometer, it tells you how many grams of protein, carbs, fat (and every other nutrient you can dream of) you are getting from each item you consume. But the # of grams of protein, carbs and fat are derived from the amount of calories each item provides, they are not derived from the total weight of the item you're eating. Does that make sense?