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Ceylon Big Coconut Oil - your thoughts please.

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  • Ceylon Big Coconut Oil - your thoughts please.

    Since living here in Afghanistan, I have been scoping out possible Primal sources of fat. I have luckily found a brand of coconut oil, which is produced in Singapore, called C.B.C. (Ceylon Big Coconut) Pure White Coconut Oil. SimeDarby

    After reading Mark's post about selecting quality coconut oil, I'm concerned as to whether or not this may be adulterated, refined oil. The website I posted above is not very informative and the oil tastes normal to me. It definitely has the smell of coconut oil.

    This is the only brand of oil in town that I know of and I'm wondering if anyone here has used this or knows anything about it? For what it's worth, the oil does harden up when I put it in the refrigerator. I'm not sure if that says anything about it.

    Thanks for your input!!

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    Given that this is the only option available, would you use this product?


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      If it has the coconut taste/smell it should be unrefined. How about ghee as an alternative. You can make it yourself from butter. or even a mix of the two Coconut Oil and Ghee: Together At Last | Mark's Daily Apple.