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Possible Sulfites/Sulphites Reaction

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  • Possible Sulfites/Sulphites Reaction

    For the last 6 days i have experienced sensations to itch my chest. Day one began with the sensations, Day two arrived with What looked like bite marks all around the nipple on both sides. Insect bites i suspected but to be on both sides was a bit far fetched.
    this has continued not really worsening nor improving an almost constant sensation to itch that very occasionally grows. i can ignore the urge in the most past but do give in from time to time.

    After 6 days and no real change to the condition i began to look around the Net as to what the cause could be. All the evidence points towards this being hives.... great an allergic reaction but to what i am eating very similar foods and don't recall any changes taking places in the days leading up to the breakout.

    i begin looking through possible allergies that may cause this and one jumps out and slaps me in the face, Sulfites. Ohhh.
    I drink Red Wine 4 nights a week (just a glass,) I eat Sauerkraut in large amounts 4 days a week, i eat Raw & Cooked Garlic, Raw and Cooked Onions 4 days a week, Consume bone broth with high amounts of onion, leek and garlic added. i pickled some onions and ate them last Wednesday and there lies the answer.

    i have been doing all of the above in order to be healthy, plenty of pro-biotic and pre-biotic then my body repays me with a histamine overload.

    i have just came to this realisation and will begin eliminating the vast majority of the massive amounts of sulfites i was consuming in the hope that the hives subside quickly.

    next i will have to re-asses how to prevent this from happening in future. firstly i can remove the raw garlic and onions from salads, i can add alternate vegetables to my Bone broth. i can drop the pickled onions.

    My hope is that i can remain to consume Sauerkraut and Red wine and still cook with garlic and onions when required. i will keep this updated to show progress.