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September Whole 30!!! Who's with me!?!?!

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    I'm going to try also! I haven't done a whole30 before but I know my weakness is bread. I'm trying to be more strict with my food, because I'm recovering from an injury and have a cast on my foot, so can't exercise like usual.


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      I'm not sweating the "eat within an hour of waking/eat before your first cup of coffee" thing. If that happens, awesome. If not, I'll still manage.
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        Originally posted by JackieKessler View Post
        I'm not sweating the "eat within an hour of waking/eat before your first cup of coffee" thing. If that happens, awesome. If not, I'll still manage.
        +1. I go to the 5:30 am crossfit at my gym 3 days/week, so I don't eat until I get back. The other days I can work on eating earlier, but I'm not going to go crazy trying to stick to it.


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          I'm in. The most difficult thing for me will be giving up my nightly glass (or two) of wine and the milk and yoghurt in my morning smoothie. Otherwise, I am fairly complaint anyway. I need to kick start another step down in weight though, as i've been stuck where I am for weeks.


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            Have you tried coconut milk+ egg whites in the smoothies? Makes it creamier and fluffier, more like sorbet than a smoothies, and you get a huge boost of protein!
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              I am pretty excited about my Whole30 for September. Been thinking about meal planning and such already. =)

              This week, trying to finish up my decidedly not Whole30 gluten free sandwhich bread. =P


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                Heh, I can't say I am excited, but I got my treat last Saturday to finish before Sept 1st: a small jar of lunch herring. Too bad it has sugar, it would actually taste better without, but who listens to me...
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                When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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                  I'm in. I have been pretty much following Whole 30 for a while now, but I need to cut out my "Fat Protein Shake" of cream, protein powder, cocoa powder and instant espresso. Thinking I might switch to coconut milk instead of cream and see what happens.

                  I am also one that works out when I wake up (I go for a bike ride for 45 minutes) and then get dressed and take my shake out the door with me - so I am not eating within that hour of waking. I will see if it makes a difference if I change this up a bit.
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                    OoOoh I'm totally going to make this coffee creamer! Yummy!

                    Jen's Gone Paleo: Coconut Milk Coffee Creamer
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                      I'm in - I've been meaning to get back on track with this and sounds like a good kick-start.
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                        I want to try it when I get back from vacation, so starting September 5th. My goal is to get the sugar out (but not fruit), but you know eliminate the coffee with cream and sugar and the chocolate here and there. That crap. I'm not eating too much dairy these days.

                        Plus I want to push myself to get more creative in the kitchen.

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                          Okay, I started today instead of waiting. Why not? We have nothing besides Whole30 approved stuff at home anyway, it was just the office junk I was holding on to. I am stronger than the non-paleo free "office treats" of diet sodas, cheese, and half and half! The diet sodas make me feel like crap, anyway. Had my last cheese (and white potato) last night at a delicious dinner out (hello blue cheese mashed potatoes!).

                          Today has been some delicious pork breakfast sausages in the AM and a big bowl of homemade chili in the mid-afternoon (made a big batch for the week's lunches). Chili was A-mazing -- ground beef, canned tomatoes, yellow onions, yellow summer squash slices, and chopped kale. Of course tons of cumin, chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder, and sea salt. I have to say this is the best chili I've ever had -- especially the kale (!!!), all saturated with beef fat/juices and spices. Also, two big mugs of tea (plain tea, no sweetener or dairy) -- Earl Grey and Chai Spice.

                          Dinner will be a BAS with butter lettuce, chopped chicken thighs and salami, grape tomatoes, black olives, and olive oil/balsamic for dressing. No berries for dessert -- I'm working to get a handle on my sweet cravings, so fruit is minimal to none for my Whole30. I'm also off nuts for the Whole30 just because I tend to eat them mindlessly and they don't seem to abate hunger for me.


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                            I'm also starting after the holiday, since I have friends visiting for the weekend and I know they'll want to go to restaurants etc. I'm challenging myself to still be primal while they're here, but holding off on Whole30 compliant until after they leave.

                            One of my goals will be to cut back on fruit. I've been eating too many carbs, and most of them are coming from there. I'm down to 2 or 3 servings daily now from 5 or 6 before, but want to keep it at 1 per day. I bought coconut creamer for my coffee but need to find some other way to sweeten- ground up dates, maybe? Or just learn to drink it unsweetened.


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                              I'm in for my 3rd month of Whole 30 (insert sigh). I've ramped up on the exercise (walking, hiking, lifting/core exercises). My goal is to be in Ketosis for the month and drop some belly fat and really lean out. Just booked a very exclusive holiday in St. Lucia over X-mas and would like to sport the sexy, athletic, black bikini.

                              I am not eating sugar, wheat, dairy and I am making a pledge to give up red wine for the month (even if it kills me). I find that my body naturally wants two meals a day, and I stay within 1200 calories daily, and <50grams carbs daily. Protein and fat is around 85 grams.

                              That's all for now --- it all starts on the 28th of September --- I'm ALL IN! Woot Woot Nom Nom ;p
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                                I'm in, too- dipped a toe in, when I visited my family in NC 2 weeks ago. My sister started this 6 weeks ago, my mom has joined in (she's not hardcore, still sprinkles a bit of cheese here & there), & it was easier to eat the way they did while I was visiting. My sister told me her cravings for sugar went away, I was skeptical, but I agree. I've tried a few former 'triggers'- beer, a little cheese & bread, & shrimp & okra that was probably fried in cornmeal/flour & fried in canola oil, (& half a hushpuppy), but they don't taste as good as I remember them to be.

                                Hardest for me will probably be alcohol (I like beer), I'm not going to sweat the small stuff-probably will use bacon, Worcestershire (despite traces of sugar), & I can't really afford organic, grass-fed beef all the time. But I'm still going to give it my best shot...