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Can I fast if I've not been well?

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  • Can I fast if I've not been well?

    I've had whooping cough. I'm over the fundamental horridness of it and now I'm just left with a chesty annoying cough which will probably continue for the next weeks. This week my glands are up in my neck again and I am feeling under the weather.
    However, I'd like to IF. I know it's 'healing' and it feels like it would be a good thing to do.
    Is it advisable if I've been so ill?


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    Try it and see, especially if your body seems to be asking for IF.
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      If you're not feeling hungry or in the mood to eat, don't. If you're dying of hunger, eat something. No need to overanalyze.

      If I salivate at hard boiled eggs, I'm really hungry. If not, I just think I'm hungry.

      Usually when I'm under the weather, my appetite goes way down.


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        Cool. The 'suck it and see' methodology.

        Just as long as I don't get the 'OH MY GOD, YOU'VE BEEN ILL, YOU NEED ENERGY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF???!' thing I got from my mother.



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          sorry, I'm with your mother, you need nutrition, you need "building blocks" to repair yourself and appetite, when you're unwell, is not perhaps the best indicator of need for food.


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            if you've been sick, and want to fast, I would do a liquid fast consisting of lots of grass fed bone broth!
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              If I am remembering this correctly, one of the benefits of fasting is that it switches your body from "digesting" mode to "repair and healing" mode, so during/after an illness would be a great time to fast. Last time I had a stomach virus I fasted, and I was far more functional than I normally am when I try to force myself to eat something.

              Lots of bone broth sounds like an excellent idea.


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                Thanks for the suggestions.

                It's not like I haven't been eating. And I do have an appetite but damn, I just want to give it up for a day and see if it helps, cos no matter what I eat, it's not helping.

                Bone broth's an awesome idea. Thanks.


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                  Im with the bone broth !!!!! In fact I bought a chicken last week, threw in some celery, onion and herbs. Boiled the h-ll out of it, then sieved it. I drank the chicken liquid over a couple of days and ate the chicken bits that fell off the bone. Sadly all my non paleo conformist family.... also enjoyed my broth, so it didn't take long for it all to be consumed. Its interesting how they knock the lifestyle but are the first to eat your yummy food !!!!!!!! Its a wee bit "Little red hen " !!!! She sowed the seed, she tended the garden, she harvested the seed...........
                  "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

                  ...small steps....


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                    That IS thoroughly annoying NZ pG. My family tend towards 'yummy, it's primal!' rather than bagging it out. Like tonight, I made osso bucco and they sucked the marrow out of those bones like a sucking thing. Luckily I got some.
                    I fasted all day and ate a light portion and feel pretty good.

                    I don't see the point of forcing yourself to eat, Walther... it's a bit counter intuitive for me.