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    I am into good beer and I drink it regularly. Sometimes I drink too much of it too. Its a value judgement kind of thing. I rarely eat what one would consider junk food and even less often breads and the like. I enjoy some good beer and it works well for me. Sure I could be a bit leaner if I completely abstained. But life is about enjoying oneself. Too much deprivation is not healthy.

    Plus going out to a good brew pub is one of the finer things in life. I find that you meet some of the best souls in such places and the conversations are incredible.


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      It's really easy, too, to make your own flavored vodka. I put one vanilla bean, split, in a flask of vodka and let it sit for about 2 weeks. (Leave it in too long, and it turns into vanilla extract... a little too vanilla-y for me!) I do the same with squished blueberries, any kind of citrus or other berries, too. Just strain and re-bottle and you have naturally-flavored vodka.
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        Originally posted by JoanieL View Post
        This is one area where I disagree with Mark. In his definitive guide, he puts clear spirits in the "Bottom Shelf to Bottom of the Barrel" category, yet he states:

        While it's true that dry red wines are fairly low carb, I don't buy into its (underwhelming) health benefits. I mean really, does anyone go out drinking to reap health benefits? It's like those silly states that have banned smoking in bars - dude it's not a health club. Clear spirits as shots or with clear club soda/bubble water are zero carb.

        Mark may be one of the smartest "health gurus" I've read in 20 years, but on this one point, I disagree. YMMV.
        Yeah, I never got the 'red wine is the holy grail' of beneficial alcohol thing either. It doesn't always sit well with me. White wine, beer (, spirits -- no problem.

        To the OP, I'm with the others -- you're on vacation. Not that it's an engraved invitation to completely derail you progress, but treating yourself to whatever booze ya like ain't such a bad thing. No sense in stressing on holiday over what to drink. Kinda defeats the purpose of being on vacation! The caveat is to try to stick to primal eating as much as possible while indulging in the good stuff...heck, I'd rather have beer or a fine martini over a dessert any day!


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          Originally posted by Forever Young View Post
          Diet Coke?? Better off with the "real thing".
          The OP already stated this was their favorite adult beverage. Why not have your favorite treat on vacation?
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            I guess because I simply can't see how "diet" anything could be a treat in any way, shape or form. Drink something with real ingredients. But hey, that's me!