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Sudden bouts of Nausea Sensations

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  • Sudden bouts of Nausea Sensations

    From time to time i can sometimes get a real sick/nausea sensation from fatty foods, kind of like the sensation when you used to eat too many chocolates at Christmas or Easter. I am never actually sick but it destroys my appetite which whilst on ADF i could really do with having a good appetite on Eat days.

    i have no idea why this is occurring but sometimes certain high fat foods can give me these feelings fairly quickly, whilst at other times the same foods do not have this effect.

    This morning it was Mackerel which i could not finish, not the cream in my coffee has brought those feelings back and i have had to stop drinking the coffee. The mackerel has been repeating on me slightly and i wonder if this is the cause of the issue, due to poor digestion of the omega 3s, thought i find this unlikely as i eat a fair amount of oily and non oily fish.

    Does anybody experience this from time to time with certain high fat foods on an infrequent basis?

    i will add it is not the amount of fat as i can eat meals much higher in fat content.

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    Yes yes yes I've been struggling with this for months. I've tried to figure out food intolarences etc.
    now I don't struggle with it very often anymore but I sometimes do. I THINK that it might actually be the fat. And I understand you think this is not the case because you can eat large amounts of fat. For me it was the same. But I figured out I couldn't handle very concentrated sources of fat. Nuts, chocolate, cheese etc in large amounts. Because it's almost all fat. But at the same time I could eat MORE fat in total by eating e.g. beef because it's not as concentrated . Good luck
    well then


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      it could come down to the type of fat. I can eat unlimited amounts of cheese and not have these sensations, unless we are talking blue cheese but that is a different type of richness. i honestly believe it comes from the Fish, after posting this i have had further reflection and wonder if it is just mackerel as Salmon and Anchovies do not have this effect.


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        You might want to try taking some digestive enzymes and see if that helps.
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