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  • food allergy testing?

    How does one go about getting a food allergy test? Would I just ask my doctor? My health insurance situation is currently a bit hazy, so is there any kind of take-home test? Any advice or links to info on food allergy testing would be much appreciated.

    I am asking because after being paleo for about 4 months now I am almost positive I have food allergies to certain grains. Eliminating grains has improved my health dramatically, but it is still awkward when I try to explain to people that I don't want pizza/subs/pasta/etc. I feel like I have an allergy to gluten, wheat, or something, but I would like to get testing done to perhaps get some formal recognition.
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    An allergy test wouldnt necessarily confirm a wheat/gluten allergy---if you only have an intolerance to it. You can get a blood test to rule out celiac disease through your doc---or if you need a referral to an allergist for skin testing. I had allergy testing done with an allergist---very interesting to be able to pinpoint numerous food/environmental allergies.

    Just know that you could test negative for reacting to wheat/gluten, but if you feel better without it, your body will be the best test!
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      What kind of doctor does food allergy testing? Or should I just ask my regular doc about it?
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        Most likely a standard physician will be able to test your for celiac disease, but not really any other food allergies unless you are having a reaction like hives, throat swelling, etc. To test for celiac disease you will need to eat wheat for a few weeks.

        The other type of testing is IgG testing which is not considered useful in allopathic medicine. For that testing you would need a integrative medicine/alternative medicine physician. They are not generally covered by insurance.
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          I agree with what others say - real allergy tests (like antibody test - IgA) show only food you're seriously allergic to and it probably wouldn't be your case unless you're celiac, but the IgG tests are very unreliable - if you have leaky gut, it will show intolerances to almost everything (I had about 25 intolerances out of 100 I tested for). I have done elimination diet with most of them and reintroduced those foods without any problems. But the IgG test didn't show I didn't tolerate gluten even though I know I don't from real symptoms.
          In other words - tests are useless waste of money (IgG is never covered by any insurance), elimination and reintroduction is the best. But if you want to say you are intolerant to gluten, just do it. For those concerned I have "severe" intolerance to gluten, soy and whatever else fits the situation)


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            My naturopathic doc took a blood sample and shipped it off to a lab in Washington. Cost me almost $500. It was well worth it. Found out I'm allergic to a shit ton of otherwise healthy foods; had to cut out A LOT, including numerous spices.
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              The celiac testing requires you to be eating gluten for a while beforehand, so be aware that you will have to do that if you want to be tested, otherwise you can get a false negative since the antibodies won't be present.
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