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Paleo/real food dietitian?

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  • Paleo/real food dietitian?

    Hi, I am starting university in a few weeks to study dietetics. Maybe I am mad because there is so much I disagree with when it comes to mainstream nutritional information. I tend to stick with a paleo type diet most of the time myself.

    Am I kidding myself when I think I can become a dietitian and convince everyone that eating real food is healthier than eating processed junk?

    I can not wait to study something which I am really passionate about but I am worried I will spend the next four years pulling my hair out

    Anyone any advice?


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    Helen - there's a pretty decent article on this subject over at

    Higher Education: I want to be a Paleo RD

    Hope that helps!


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      thank you, this was very useful and makes me feel a bit more positive


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        I have plans to become an RD and it will be a long road for me as I got my bachelor's at a school that wasn't an ADA approved school so I will have to get my master's now and I will have to do it part-time, but it is my passion. If we don't become RD's how can we help make the changes that need to made?
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          yea iv started a long road, just completed evening classes for two years and now have a four year degree in front of me. I picked to study dietetics because i think people will have more faith in me than if i was just going to study nutrition. I hope i am right. Good luck!