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Is there a reason my farmers market vendor only sells "lean" stew meat?

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    If it were me, I'd make it with the stew meat, then make a nice salad with avocado or cheese on the side.

    Alternately, crumble in some bacon at the end.

    Personally, not a huge fan of fatty fatty stews. Would rather get my fat on a steak or cook some mushrooms in bacon grease.
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      "Stew" beef is always the leaner, cheaper cuts. The idea with a stew (as with a pot roast, also cheap lean cuts) is that you'll cook it at a relatively low temperature for a long time. This will 'break down' the meat (and all tough, gristly connective tissues) making it tender. If you use a Prime Rib roast in stew, buy the time your vegetables are soft, the meat will probably have damn near totally dissolved . It'll be like soggy shredded wheat in texture. So lean meat is good for stews...just cook it for four hours at a low simmer.


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        All of the grass fed cuts that I get from my farmer are lower in fat than it's grocery store counterpart. The ground beef tends to be more lean as well.