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  • Rice

    Ok I am at a quandary.
    I have been primal since June 28th of 2012. I started out with the Advocare challenge. When I started I was @200# 5'10". Completed that with a 15# weight loss.
    I then read the Primal Blueprint, and have been with it ever since. I am now down 25 total#and have a little more to go to reach my goal of 170#. Now here is the problem; does anyone have a thought on how I can get my wife who has type II diabetes. (Stayed with her after the birth of our two sons.) off of rice. She is from Korea and says she cannot live without rice. Any thoughts?

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    Well, I guess rice for Asian people is like bread for white people - we were all raised on our respective "staple." As a child of European background, I'm pretty sure I ate bread at least 2 times a day, often more than 1 slice at a time, much like someone raised in Asia might eat a bowl of rice with every major meal of the day. So when she says she can't live without rice, it's more or less the equivalent of a white person saying they can't live without bread, and in that manner, despite her ethnic/cultural heritage, her excuse is, at the core, not that different from what you encounter every single day from other people. Just like you can't force someone to give up bread if they insist that they "need it," you couldn't force your wife to give up rice cold turkey, but you can show her that yes, it IS possible to have a big, filling meal without rice. Of course, education about the impact of rice on blood sugar and diabetes is the first step; after that, I think the goal would be to reduce the number of meals that include rice - substitute for it with more vegetables and more proteins.

    ETA: also, having lived in Asia (although not Korea), I also recall that red meat and poultry were not really a big part of the regular diet, so this change may involve a lengthy process of habituating her to eating a lot more red meat, pork, and chicken than she may be used to.


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      Maybe this success story would offer some motivation:
      Quitting Rice | Mark's Daily Apple

      Also, white rice is not the worst thing in the world. Much better than wheat. Although I guess for a diabetic it is not ideal.


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        What does her doctor say? Is the rice contributing to her diabetes? Sorry I am not knowledgeable with Diabetes enough to know if it is common knowledge that diabetic do not eat rice? I have an aunt in Nigeria who has diabetes and she cannot eat any sugary stuff but does okay on rice...