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IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1) good or bad?

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  • IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor 1) good or bad?

    Anyone have any knowledge on this subject?

    1) Do we want IGF-1 to be high or low?
    2) If so how do we lower it or raise it?
    3) I read that a high carb diet lowers IGF-1 and i also read that it raises it?
    4) Is the IGF-1 found in milk bad?
    5) Also read conflicting evidence on the affect of higher protein diet on IGF-1 levels. Does it raise it or lower it.

    I know its alot of questions, just hoping someone knows more on this subject then me.. thanx

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    Good for:
    - general well-being
    - muscle-growth

    Bad for:
    - cancer as it makes things grow, cancer included
    - aging, as longevity is promoted by low IGF-1

    Growth hormone (and IGF-1) is increased by strength training and the intake of GABA at night (2-3g).


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      does anybody else have more info on this?


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        yeah igf -1 is basically the pre cursor to hgh, responsible for growing lean muscle, burning fat and overall staying healthy and looking you age this number starts to lower and you get old...

        flip side is that some "people" say it also increases growth of cells including cancer cells, so if you have them in your body you are basically feeding them...i dont think this has ever been proven but i could be wrong...

        i like it and try to keep it in the high range of normal through exercise and sleeping, some of my freinds supplement with it...research it and make an educated decision...hope this is more indepth than that but a quick synopsis is what i gave you...