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Ate some cartilage last night, what did it do for me?

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  • Ate some cartilage last night, what did it do for me?

    I was at a summer festival in a local town last night, and I saw some amazing yakitori (grilled chicken skewers) at a street vendors stall. I bought a couple of them, only to find that what I thought was onion separating the chunks of chicken meat, was actually hard, crunchy cartilage. Never had it before, but I thought what the hell, and munched my way through it.

    I've done a search for cartilage on this site, but can't find any references to the nutritional side of it, most results focus around things to improve your own cartilage, er, quality.

    So anyone know what nutrition I got out of it?
    And does anyone eat cartilage on a regular basis?
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    That's what makes the gelatin in bone broth.


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      I eat it if it's soft and sticky... not usually if it's really crunchy though... not that I mind a little crunch in it, just not the whole piece being crunchy. *shrug* I just really prefer it soft and sticky... love the stuff.
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        Cartilage is quite rich in Silica and essential for good bones and connective tissue if I remember correctly.
        It is also one of those things that is poorly absorbed from plant sources, tendons are also good for Silica I think.
        So remember to eat all your gristle, it's good for you.
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          Thanks folks. Can't say I actually enjoyed it in its crunchy form, but it didn't repulse me either. It was okay. I'd eat it again if it was there but I wouldn't seek it out.
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            Yeah I eat it all the time. I have no idea whether this would be caused by it but I also have abnormally dense bones.
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