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    Originally posted by Miss Understood View Post

    I have lost a cumulative 15" in about six weeks doing T-Tapp. Measurements are taken from arms to calves and naturally bust, waist, hips etc. I have not lost a great deal of weight so clearly I am shrinking due to muscle taking up less room than fat! There are some sample exercises on her website and also you can find some samples on YouTube. Start with that a d see how you like it. It really works!
    Ooh! I will, thx

    Originally posted by gopintos View Post
    Just my own experience, ( I am not young or athletic or male) I did BP coffee to help me adjust to fasting. One cup with 1TBL coconut oil and 1TBL butter, 200 some odd calories. Carried me onto lunch around 1. On the days I BP coffee, I end up with way fewer calories, almost too few and I have to make sure I eat enough. My n=1 is that if I eat breakfast, even protein and fat, I eat more over the course of the day and really push my calories to the max.

    So for me, it helped. It did it's job which was to help with fasting. I know it's not a no calorie fast, but I believe it still helped me to enjoy some of the same benefits of fasting. Now a days, I just do coffee w/cream. Some days I dont even do that.

    But it was never more than one cup. And it was never used to wash down other food. I dont usually eat too many breakfasts for 200 calories. I did have breakfast this morning - I should have stuck to the coffee. I had 553 calories of food instead and now after lunch, I am over 1000 calories and supper still left to go. uggh.

    But first, way before BP coffee for breakfast, I got a grip on carbs which got a grip on hunger. I was already losing weight, and found myself starting to stall. I was also naturally falling into the fasting when I wasnt waking up wanting to eat my arm off. The BP coffee and fasting helped me to put off eating until lunch time instead of putting off breakfast until mid-morning. I do believe it has it's place if you use it appropriately. I track all calories and macros and I needed to cut the carbs and add fat, while keeping calories in check and that did the trick. For me. Might not be for everyone.
    I'm glad it worked for you. I remember when BP first got big and some were putting in almost a whole stick. I can sure last for hours with just a lone cup of coffee & cream. Not as nutritious as real food, though. But eating is pretty hard for me in the am.
    Originally posted by Miss Understood View Post
    I do bulletproof coffee as my breakfast two days a week. 16 oz of coffee, 3 tablespoons KerryGold butter, 1 tablespoon MCT oil. That's around 450-500 calories and I'm not hungry for 5-6 hours at least.

    Butter from grass fed cows is not empty calories. If you have read any of Weston Price's work you know it is loaded with vitamin K2 among other nutrients and is actually very healthy.
    True about the butter from Grassfed cows not being empty calories, you are right. Yes I have read WP. Do you (and goptinos) use the actual BP coffee or just follow his guidelines on finding mycotoxin-free coffee?
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      It's not ONLY about calories. It's about two things:

      1. Switch your body from sugar burner to fat burner. Right now, your body doesn't "know" you have extra fat. It can't "see" fat. It can only see sugar. Primal breaks you out of that, and it can take a month or a little more.
      2. Then, and ONLY after your body understands fat, can you cut overall calories. If you stay primal, you'll be eating less FAT than you burn (not less calories). Then your body will be forced to use -- and more importantly, it CAN use -- the extra fat you have.

      Getting hungry after two weeks is a GREAT sign. It means your body is a sugar burner, and oops, you've used up all your sugar. Now your body is ready to convert to the fat-burner metabolism.

      Do NOT count calories for the next month.

      I'm serious. Just eat primally untill you feel very full. Even if you gain 4-5 pounds, that's okay. Just concentrate on Primal and Full. When your body starts feeling full on less food (don't pay attention to caloires, just less food), then you can start cutting your overall food. In fact, you'll eat less food naturally because you'll get full sooner.

      Please hang in there. On this board, I've seen some examples of some kind of delayed carb flu. -- you might be one.
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        Unfortunately, I didnt buy his. I used what I could find at my Dutch store.

        I also just remembered, my step son's wife, was stalled for months and months. And she is chronic cardio. She is a zumba instructor and she asked me what I was doing to lose all this weight, and I reluctantly told her about the coffee, cuz I know it sounds crazy to most. (But so does the bacon & sex diet to some) Well she wanted to try it so I sent some CO & butter home with her. I asked her a few weeks later how it worked and she said she lost 10 pounds. Now who knows why for sure. I am thinking for one thing, she was not eating enough calories. And probably not enough fat, and she just needed the shake up. Or maybe she was just full of crap.... in which case the CO concoction might have cleared her out.
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          I bought a five pound bag of Dave's high grade coffee, but I found out that you can get a Guatemalan coffee from Portland Roasters that is the same thing. Next time I may order from Portland Roasters. Any very high quality coffee would be OK, though.


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            I just wanna thank everybody for all their help and just their support. I made it through the weekend and look forward to next week. I am gonna start to walk a couple of days next week before work to get my body moving. I honestly felt like I had restless legs lately like I almost need to burn some energy. I did read through all the posts even through the longs ones. I was really looking for people similar to me ... my weight...and my struggle. Thank you all


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              Originally posted by obsessed View Post
              I honestly felt like I had restless legs lately like I almost need to burn some energy.
              Some people say "restless legs" means deficient in magnesium. (Maybe that's if they're irritatingly restless, like when you're trying to sleep, not just if you feel like you have some energy to burn.) When I was really hungry at the beginning, I think my body was desperately seeking the brain chemicals that I used to get from a good dose of sugar -- I'd get massive cravings for fruit. It can be tricky to try to tease out just what it is you are hungry for. Soda water (with only potassium citrate in it) and blue cheese helped a lot. Also supplemental vit D. Can't recommend that highly enough.


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                KerryK, I wish there was a "like" button for your post Good info for a newbie girl!
                Also agree that post needs a 'like' button. lol


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                  I have a problem with restless legs... supplement with magnesium and make sure you are getting enough salt in your diet.


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                    Originally posted by Sooze View Post
                    KerryK, I wish there was a "like" button for your post Good info for a newbie girl!
                    Originally posted by HelenLouise View Post
                    Also agree that post needs a 'like' button. lol
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                      more food! throw away that weight loss calculator. you're a big girl and 1500 cals is starving yourself. more leafy greens, more meat, more eggs. as your body heals and the weight starts to go you can reduce calories and it won't be painful. stop tormenting yourself. starving is just gonna make you go off the rails.

                      careful with the condiments and the fruit cocktail. tons o' sugar there. also that non-dairy creamer is super-junk -- a can full of weird industrial oils.

                      as others have said your body is crying for nutrition. feed it. feed it. heal it.

                      are you taking any supplements? vitamin d3 and magnesium will definitely help you.

                      i do best with a nice big 1st meal. this morning i had some ground beef, 3 strips of bacon and 3 eggs with a huge zucchini and some jalapeno peppers. that was at 10 and i doubt i'll want something else til 5 or 6.
                      As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste that the cold white wine washed away, leaving only the sea taste and the succulent texture, and as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy and to make plans.

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                        Originally posted by gopintos View Post
                        If I don't sleep, I don't lose weight. I also have sleep apnea and I am hoping that some day, I will not have to wear my mask any longer.
                        You sound a lot like me, gopintos. Sleep seems to be a huge factor for me, too (and so of course, the hardest thing for me to manage). I've also got sleep apnea. But on the bright side, in the past year the pressure I require has dropped by half. I have to use an apap now because the pressure has dropped so radically; I'm at around 6.5-7 most nights.

                        I've got hopes of ditching the mask someday, too!

                        I second gopintos advice. And I agree that right now, you should probably concentrate more on feeding your hunger than on your calories. Give your body a chance to adjust to the changes. I'm about 8 years older than you and currently about 40 lbs heavier, so I know how unhealthy you feel, but there's no way to rush the weight loss. If you try, you'll just end up less healthy than when you started.

                        Sleep, eat fats or fatty meats/fish whenever you're hungry, stay hydrated, cut out added sugar entirely, and make sure you're getting some salt in your diet every day. Everything else you're doing looks pretty good (though it wouldn't hurt to add more eggs to your breakfast - get out in front of the hunger first thing). Give it a couple of weeks before you start worrying about how many calories you're taking in. I find that I tend to self-regulate at around 2000 cal, and as long as my fats are high and carbs low, I lose weight at a pretty steady clip. Not everybody is like that, but enough are that it's worth a shot.

                        In this early stage, keep some boiled eggs, cold meats, and if you like them, avocados, on hand for when you're hungry. My first few weeks on the diet I ate approximately two bushels of avocados. Now I have one or two every couple of days or so. But for now, the most important thing is what you eat, not how much.
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                          Please try not to drink your calories. Week 1 sounded great (just nix the nondairy creamer (use your cream) and the mayo). Week 2.... the cream smoothie and stick of cream cheese stick out as not part of a well rounded diet.

                          If it were me:
                          I'd make a smoothie with a protein powder (if you are in the mood for a smoothie) or do bacon and eggs or something
                          Lunch looks good
                          Dinner I'd have the salmon in an omelet with a small amount of cream cheese, plus some veggies.

                          You ate a lot of high fat dairy.....

                          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                            eat eat eat.

                            good amino acid profile( protein )
                            good lipid profile (fats)

                            eat till full

                            lather rinse repeat
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                              Originally posted by obsessed View Post
                              I honestly felt like I had restless legs lately like I almost need to burn some energy.
                              If that's not actual restless leg syndrome, but instead you just feel restless, that's actually a really good sign! When you're getting enough fat and protein and switch to burning fat instead of sugar, sometimes you end up with more energy than you know what to do with. That's especially true if you're like me, and were never all that active to start with. As a sugar-burner I was tired all the time and never moved if I didn't absolutely have to. As a fat-burner, I find that I'm full of the fidgets when I can't spend a big chunk of my day on the go.


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                                Maybe I'm wrong but looking at what you eat I'm seeing what looks to me like an Atkins diet, very low carb, very high fat and protein... No wonder you are hungry. I'm on no grains/legumes for 12 days now but am eating cherries, grapes, strawberries with honey, pecans with honey, and occasional grains in the form of crust on a quiche or a pot pie, occasional steamed won tons and spring rolls and the skin on potato knish. I'm also having an occasional dixie cup ice cream sundae, and red wine mixed with seltzer. This doesn't have to be all or nothing. What I'm not eating any of is bread, beans, hummus, rice, corn, cookies, cereal, cake, so my grains are probably a small fraction of what they were and my legumes are zero. In twelve days I've lost a few pounds and feel pretty good in terms of energy, and I'm never hungry.
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